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Kevin isn't wearing a shirt. I see they're pulling out all the stops for the season finale! Kevin can't find his t-shirts, which are no longer in the dresser where he last left them. Lucy explains that she put them in the closet to make more room for Savannah's stuff. Kevin points out that Lucy didn't see fit to store any of her stuff in the closet. Lucy just shrugs. Kevin puts a t-shirt on and complains about how silly it is that Savannah's stuff gets priority over their stuff when she's just a baby and doesn't care. Lucy says she doesn't want to "crowd" Savannah by storing things in her room. Kevin asks if he'll have to wait for Savannah to go to college before he has his own space again. In fact, Kevin, it turns out that once Savannah leaves for college, Lucy will do the Christian thing and adopt a young boy to fill the void in her life and wash dishes. So you'll never be getting your own space. Unless you get smart and divorce her. Lucy insists that she wants to move out just as much as Kevin does. "Don't tease," says Kevin, who probably says that a lot nowadays, although it's usually in bed at night. He points out that Lucy has been saying she wants to move out for half of the season, but has never actually followed through on it. If she's serious about moving this time, Kevin will be more than happy to call the "real-i-tor" and get some listings. All houses listed must have their own fallout shelter attached, in case of nuc-u-lar war. Lucy says she wants to be involved with the entire house-buying process this time, which apparently includes making all the calls to the "real-i-tor," which she has every intention of doing. Kevin remains unconvinced.

Annie notices a spring in RevCam's step as he enters the kitchen. She demands to know what he's so happy about, not seeing the rather obvious correlation between RevCam's happiness and the fact that he's about to go to work, therefore guaranteeing himself eight hours away from his wife. RevCam says he doesn't want to say anything for fear of "jinxing" his latest special project. RevCam says God works in mysterious ways, like having no problems letting his workers believe in superstitions like jinxes.

As the door closes behind RevCam, SamVid enter the scene, packed up and ready for school. Annie tries to win their love by packing their favorite sandwiches in their lunches. But the twins are sad today about things that not even peanut butter and banana sandwiches can make better: they don't want Martin to move out. SamVid say that someone in their family is always moving out of their house, and they wonder if it's because no one likes them. Being that self-centered is okay when you're six, so I won't say anything about that. Plus, they're probably right. Annie slowly explains that the CamSibs like SamVid just fine, but as you grow older, you start to need your own space. One day, SamVid, too, will want to leave the CamPound. "No, we're gonna live with you and Daddy forever," says Vid, "just like Lucy." Ahahahaha! Even the twins make fun of crappy Lucy.

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