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Mi Familia, Part I

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Upon hearing her name, Lucy sprints down the stairs and into the kitchen, asking what the twins are saying about her. They answer her truthfully. Lucy says that she will not be living in the CamPound for much longer, as she and Kevin are moving. "REALLY?" asks Annie, her voice filled with joy and gratitude. She's hilariously happy that her horrible middle daughter is finally leaving the CamNest, and talks on and on about how great it is and how happy RevCam will be until Lucy's face falls as she realizes that no one in the family likes her at all. Annie actually notices someone else's feelings for once, and tries to cover by saying she's happy not that Lucy is leaving the house, but that Lucy and Kevin will finally have their own place. Placated, Lucy smiles liplessly. As SamVid trudge out the door because they'd rather be in school than listen to this, Lucy asks Annie if she can baby-sit Savannah while Lucy goes to "work." Completely going back on last week's protests, Annie says she'd be happy to do it when she gets back from dropping SamVid off at school. While Lucy's waiting for her return, Annie suggests she call the "real-i-tor." "Back off," says Lucy. Well, Lucy, if you insist on living up Annie's ass all the time, that's going to be kind of difficult, isn't it? From outside, we hear the twins honk the car horn, probably by accident as they attempt to find a position that will allow one twin to move the steering wheel while the other applies the gas and brakes. They've never come this close to escaping before!

At school, an uneasy Vincent approaches Martin and says he needs to talk to him "alone" about a "favor." Hmmm…! Of course, no one can ever be alone when the Camdens are involved, so Stealth Ruthie sneaks up behind Vincent and says hello. She starts talking about how she and Vincent have their post-punishment first date tonight, and Vincent stutters and says he thought he had another Ruthie-free week and he obviously doesn't want to be anywhere near Ruthie anymore. Martin furrows his tremendous brow and asks Vincent what he wants from him. Vincent lies that he has no idea what Martin is talking about and walks away. Ruthie and Martin are confused.

George waits in the Church Office to meet his possible foster son. In comes RevCam with -- you guessed it -- Danny! I'm hard-pressed to think of a guest-star I'd rather see less than him. ["Two words: Jimmy. Moon." -- Sars] George says hello and apologizes for the absence of Gwen, as the actress apparently had less humiliating acting gigs to take. Which, of course, would be any acting gig up to and including dinner theater. George asks Danny what he wants to do today. "Move in with you and your wife!" Danny answers. It's rude to invite yourself into other people's homes like that, Danny. George says they'll have lunch first, then see what happens. Danny says that as long as what happens gets him out of the group home that apparently can't afford scissors with which to chop off his angelic curly locks, he'll be happy. Hmm…if Danny were to, say, die, that would prevent his return to the group home, wouldn't it? So basically, George, you've got permission to do away with the brat and save us all. Think about it. Danny grabs George's hand and off they go. RevCam smiles smugly and tearfully, then looks up at the ceiling a few times and mutters "okay, okay." He's probably supposed to be talking to God, but I'd like to think that Stephen Collins just agreed to buy the boom mic operator a pizza.

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