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Simon comes home from work or classes or whatever he does all day to find a woman sitting on his bed. It's Rose, and Simon's crappy landlord let her in when she told him she was Simon's girlfriend. I know it violates the terms of your lease, Simon, but you might want to consider changing your locks and not giving your landlord the new key. Rose asks Simon if she's still his girlfriend. Simon stares at her. The Saxophone of Long and Awkward Stares plays for like five minutes.

Matt arrives at the Apartment of Broken Relationships. No, not the apartment PC moved out of last season, but Carlos's apartment, which he is in the end stages of packing up. Carlos says he's leaving town tomorrow, and he and Mary filed for divorce last week. Normally, I'd be happy that a CamRelationship came to such an unhappy end, but this is Mary and Carlos, and I kind of liked them, which probably has a lot to do with how little I had to see of them. Carlos says he's going back to Puerto Rico to be closer to his family. Matt says he wishes there were a way to fix this, but Carlos says he has said and done everything there was to say and do, and now it's time to move on. He called Matt over to pick up whatever crap Mary left behind and to tell him to tell the CamRents about what's going on, since Mary refuses to do it and Carlos would like to deal with as few Camdens as possible for the rest of his life.

Matt asks if Mary will ever come back from her training center in London. Carlos says she's actually in Chicago right now. HA! Mary moves all over the world without so much as leaving her family a forwarding address! She's awesome, even if she is abandoning her child. Yes, that's right: Mary signed full custody over to Carlos, who is bringing Charlie to Puerto Rico with him where they'll never have to see another Camden as long as they live. How jealous is Savannah right now?

SamVid return from school and refuse to speak to Martin. They say this will help them adjust to his moving away, but it's not going to do their poor speech skills any favors. Martin says he's only moving across the street. Annie says that, to six-year-olds, across the street is like across the country. Except not really, because I can remember being six and thinking about how lucky I was that my best friend lived just across the street and we could see each other all the time. Plus, she had a pool.

The phone rings. Annie answers and starts to tell the caller that Ruthie is upstairs, but then hands the phone off the Martin, saying Vincent wants to talk to him. She leaves the room. We see that Vincent is calling from a pay phone on the Promenade, even though we know he owns a cell phone and has a private line in his bedroom, so it makes absolutely no sense that he'd be using a pay phone in the middle of the Promenade. Unless, of course, Vincent wisely suspects that the Camdens could have his regular lines tapped. He says he "needs" to talk to Martin without Ruthie knowing about it. "I want no part of whatever you're up to," Martin says. Before Vincent can explain exactly which parts of him are up for Martin, he's hung up on. To be fair, Martin did say goodbye first, so it looks like Martin's doing his part to make sure he's fully acclimated to life outside the CamPound when his dad returns.

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