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Mi Familia, Part I

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Over at Simon's apartment, Rose tells Simon that she thinks he wants to break up with her because he never answers the phone when she calls, and when they actually do end up spending time together, Simon acts "nervous and weird." That's proof positive that just because Camden has premarital sex doesn't make him any less of a Camden. Simon says he does like Rose, but his behavior is because he can't have sex with her and he knows that she wants to have sex with him. Rose asks Simon if he's giving her the "let's be friends" speech, because in her opinion, the only thing that separates a friend from a boyfriend to her is whether or not sex is involved, which is the way evil sex-having singles think. Simon says he want to be in a relationship with Rose, but he will not have sex with her. Rose asks why. Simon says it's "complicated." Enh, nothing on this show is really that complicated, Simon, although taking into account the average intelligence of your other girlfriends, to whom the Kid's Scramble usually poses challenging task, it might be. Rose tells Simon she's sick of his "doubletalk," and leaves.

George hangs out in the lobby of one of Glenoak's sixteen group homes. Our favorite wheelchair-bound optimist enters and greets George as "Dad." She says she can be packed in an hour. Never before has a girl in a wheelchair engendered so little sympathy from me. Free Wheelin' Kelly asks George what will happen to Meredith. "I hope Meredith is your dog," George says. "We don't have a dog," Kelly replies with an obnoxious grin. I bet those group homes would be a lot more fun if they did have a dog, though. George says that RevCam never mentioned that Danny had such a "large" family. Enh, he probably forgot most of them existed, much like he forgets about most of the people in his large family.

RevCam takes a call in his Home Office. It's Matt, calling from the hospital. You know he's calling from the hospital because there are a bunch of lit X-rays in the background. Off-screen, the radiology department glares at the oily med student who snuck into their room and took over their phones. RevCam assumes that Matt is calling with bad news. Infuriatingly, Matt refuses to tell RevCam anything, so RevCam has to guess. He lists all of the children, and Matt's refusal to speak when RevCam calls Mary's name tells him that the bad news is about her. Matt still won't say anything. RevCam stutters out an interrogation, but Matt won't answer and lies that he's been paged back to work. He hangs up on RevCam, leaving the guy to sit there and think about all the horrible things that could have happened to Mary, like injury, death, or, even worse, divorce.

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