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Rose just won't leave Simon alone. She knocks on his door and says she wants to come in, but not to "play board games, or watch TV, or hold hands." She wants to DO IT. She's still talking when Simon pulls her into him for a kiss. The Musical Flourish of Disappointment would have us believe that Simon is going back on his Word to God, but I think he was just trying to get Rose to shut up.

The next day, George has come to the CamPound to rightly yell at RevCam for tricking him into adopting four children, one of whom is a legal adult, another of whom is in a wheelchair, and all of whom are annoying and demanding. George accuses RevCam of being a con man and says that, as a man of God, he should be ashamed of himself. George's awesomeness comes to an abrupt end, however, when he claims that all four of the kids are "great," but that there's just no way he and Gwen can take in four kids when they don't even know if they'll be able to handle one. I think the state would agree with George. They want their wards to get put into foster homes and adopted, but not so much that they'd allow brand-new foster parents to take in four of them at once. RevCam says he's sorry, but when George told him about his big, empty house, he just thought those stupid kids would be perfect for filling it. George says that in a perfect world, they would be, but in this world, he makes a living cleaning toilets and has never had to take care of more than one child at a time, so he has no idea how to deal with four. George and Gwen still want to take LOD in, and make it so that he and his sisters will visit each other as often as possible. George asks RevCam to help him "explain" to the reject kids why he's only taking their brother. RevCam says it's the least he can do after putting him in this awful situation. George says that he would have done the same thing if he were RevCam. So they're both smarmy assholes, I guess. George leaves RevCam alone to sigh and tear up, although you'll notice that he's not so sad that he's volunteering to take any of those kids into the CamPound and its many soon-to-be-vacant rooms.

Unannounced, Matt enters Carlos's apartment just in time to see him giving the keys to his landlord. The landlord takes off, as he is not a Camden and so doesn't like to get involved in other families and their problems. Matt says there has to be something he can do to get Mary and Carlos back together. He knows that Carlos doesn't want things to end like this. Carlos puts Charlie down so he can have his arms free to gesture furiously as he tells Matt that this isn't about what he wants: it's about what Mary wants, and always has been. And Mary doesn't want Carlos or Charlie. Matt says that the Camdens were raised better than to "run away" from problems and responsibilities. You know, like how Matt never told his parents that he got married so that they had to pay for a second, totally fake wedding, how Lucy continues to refuse to move out of her parents' home and into the real world, how Simon ran away to a distant college because he killed a kid, and how no one will tell Ruthie that she's adopted, no matter how perfect or ample the opportunities.

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