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Monkey Business (1)
Lucy, Kevin, and Roxanne are standing on the front porch, saying good night after their date. Roxanne gives Lucy a sincere-sounding apology and suggests that the two couples double-date again sometime in the near future. Lucy just smiles wanly at her and nods, which is pretty rude, if you ask me. Then she waits until Roxanne is not even out of earshot and says, "I still think she's a --" Kevin cuts her off again, but it's too late for me. If I were in Glenoak, I'd probably kick her teeth in right about now.

In the CamKitchen, RevCam is still trying to get in touch with Ben. What a freak. Lucy comes in and has a pointless conversation with her father about where she parks the car on various nights. It has something to do with garbage cans being on the street. Oh, who cares? When Lucy asks RevCam who he's calling, he replies, "No one." That is true -- Ben is a nobody.

Well, there's only one more child who hasn't come home yet, and here is Mary now. RevCam gives his dialing finger a break to harass her about her choice of boyfriends. Mary actually responds maturely for a change, and I'm pretty impressed. Why is it that the only times I've ever seen her act like a human being have been right before she's being banished somewhere or before she leaves for good? My momentary admiration for her is interrupted by the phone ringing. It's Ben calling back, because he wants to know if Eric just called him. When he says, "I star-sixty-nined you," I have to do a double take before I realize that the word "star" was in there. We may never know what the rest of RevCam's brilliant plan was supposed to be, but since Mary's here now, he passes her the phone, saying, "It's for you." Imagine the unpleasant surprise in store for both Ben and Mary when they realize who they're talking to. It's probably just as unpleasant as what Brenda's got in store for us next episode.

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