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Monkey Business (1)

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Monkey Business (1)
In the living room, everyone is tensely staring at each other -- "everyone" being the CamRents, Captain Smith, and Kevin. Kevin? What's he doing there? And where is Mary? Lucy comes in to join the fun, as the captain makes small talk with surly Kevin. Robbie and Roxanne walk in to say that they're planning to see a movie. Annie helpfully suggests that Kevin and Lucy join them. This suggestion is not exactly met with great enthusiasm by Lucy, but she agrees to go. Before Kevin leaves, he interrogates the captain about how he knows Mary. Captain Smith explains that he and Mary met through work. God, Kevin is such a moron. He's a pea-brained moron, in fact.

After the young folks leave, the CamRents get down to interrogating the captain themselves. Before they can get too far, however, Ruthie interrupts to remind them that her "boyfriend" is coming over. Predictably, RevCam ventures toward getting dangerously upset again, but Annie handles it, motioning over his head to Ruthie to leave. When she does, Captain Smith laughs indulgently, which causes RevCam to ask him if he has any daughters. He has two, and the oldest is in college. Annie perks up, assuming that he's married and not dating her daughter, but it turns out that he's widowed. The CamRents look much sadder at that news than anyone could expect them to under normal circumstances. I'm sure they're not fooling the captain any.

Upstairs, Simon and Cecilia have abandoned their making out in order to spend some quality time with the twins. Simon has to be told that Mary is dating the captain, a fact which he finds hard to believe. His pointless assertions that "nice" men don't date much younger women are met with much eye-rolling by me. I'm sure I'm not the only one so afflicted.

The lovely double-daters are probably not going to make it to their movie after all. That's mainly because Kevin has pulled back up in front of the CamPound to spy on the captain, or stalk him, or…something. RevCam would be so proud. This -- even more than Kevin calling Annie "Mom" -- totally proves his assimilation into the Camdens. It's just too bad no one thought to check for the body-snatching pod in the basement of the CamPound before it completed his replication. It goes without saying that an argument breaks out. It's mostly between Lucy and Roxanne, although everyone else joins in the fun from time to time. Perhaps the lowest point of Lucy's transformation into über-bimbo arrives when she starts accusing Roxanne of wanting to be partnered with Kevin because he's good-looking and single. Come on, Lucy, not everyone is as shallow as you. If I had to choose a work partner who could potentially have to save my life at some point, would his cuteness be at the top of the list? Also, is Kevin really single? Isn't he practically engaged to you? You obviously don't have much faith in your own worth. Now, I'm not saying you're worth much anymore, but it's just sad to see exactly how far your character has slid.

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