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Monkey Business (1)
The date finally gets underway, but it doesn't seem to be going all that well. Jake, Ruthie, and Eisenhower are all sitting on the living room couch together, while RevCam sits in a chair and stares moodily into space. Annie comes into the room and asks him for some help in the kitchen. After he leaves, Ruthie and Jake discuss their game plan. I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but it sounds like Ruthie is not actually interested in Jake (thank God) but is just using him to distract RevCam from the problem of Eisenhower. I wonder how Jake feels about the fact that Ruthie obviously prefers a chimp to him. That must be a blow to the ego. She asks Jake to put his arm around her, even though RevCam's not back yet. This sends Eisenhower into a jealous tizzy. To say that I'm squicked out by that would be an understatement.

Over at Ma Camden's Family Feedbag, Annie is trying vainly to cheer up RevCam. She's pretty deeply mired in denial about the whole Captain Jack and Mary dating situation. She also thinks that Ben will show up and "convince Mary he loves her." Okay, it might happen. But why would anyone think that's a good thing? Annie tries to distract Eric from spying on Ruthie and Jake by enticing him with an invitation to read the twins a bedtime story. When he says he can't leave Ruthie and the boy alone in the living room, Annie plaintively asks, "You'd rather be with Ruthie and her boyfriend and that chimpanzee than me?" Actually, he would rather do that, thank you very much. I don't blame him. Under the gun, I might be willing to avoid Ruthie by spending some time with Annie, but throwing the twins into the equation kind of tips the balance.

In the living room, Ruthie sees RevCam coming, so she makes Jake kiss her. Eric yells at them to cut it out, although he is suspicious because he knows Ruthie saw him walk in. She realizes the jig is up and tells Jake to go home. RevCam offers to drive him, but Jake says his sister has been sitting outside the CamPound "just hoping to get a glimpse of Simon." Oh, Lord. Jake's sister would be that Maria girl who was all over Simon last year. Give it up, Brenda. Try all you like, but I really don't think you're going to make us believe that all these hot older girls are mad for Simon. I really have no feelings on David Gallagher, one way or the other. But Simon? He's definitely a dud, not a stud.

After Jake leaves, Ruthie tries to con RevCam into letting her have a pet. Her plan is to make him so grateful that she's not dating, that he will agree to let her keep Eisenhower. As far as plans, go, it's really not bad. And you'd think RevCam would be dumb enough to fall for it. Unfortunately, it's not Ruthie's lucky day. When Eric finally understands what it is she wants, he asks if she is insane, adding, "I'm sorry -- I said that out loud." That's kind of a cold thing to say to your daughter, but since Ruthie just finished pouting like a five-year-old, I guess I can forgive him. Ruthie takes another crack at explaining why Eisenhower might be sent back to a research lab. Apparently, he's been living with their neighbor, Curtis -- even though I highly doubt zoning laws would allow that. Anyway, Eisenhower has been getting too attached to Curtis, to the point where he threw some banana pudding at Curtis's girlfriend. Ruthie points out that the researchers "think that tossing banana pudding at Curtis's girlfriend is an aggressive act." I don't know about that. Is Curtis dating Lucy? Because then I'm sure it would be totally justified.

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