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Simon and Ruthie smoke, Eric and Annie have cybersex, and a French guy lives with the Camdens!

We open with Simon and Ruthie in the CamKitchen, surrounded by cereal boxes, bowls full of cereal, and random cereal pieces all over the place. RevCam walks in and wants to know what is going on and where Annie is. Ruthie responds that Annie is out, and the cereal is like this because they want to find the prize in the box. And despite the mess and the fact that they searched at least two boxes, they haven't. You know, Simon is like twelve, and I was only five by the time I got over the thrill of finding a toy in my cereal and actually wasted cereal to look for it. RevCam is less than pleased as he dumps cereal back into the box, which is gross because you know that Ruthie's fingers have been all over it. He says that there is a better surprise coming -- a new member of the family. Ruthie is overjoyed at the prospect, but Happy looks alarmed and upset at the thought of Two Ruthies. Her expression is remarkably similar to mine. Fortunately, it is not another Ruthie, RevCam tells us, but a foreign exchange student -- from France. Simon is more excited than I would be, until it occurs to him that Frenchie could be a spy. Hmmm, someone's been watching too much Simpsons, eh? Although that isn't a WB show like The Tick, so it doesn't get credited. RevCam responds that he didn't ask, but he's pretty sure that the French are our allies. Hmm, yes, they did such a great job with that during WWII.

RevCam goes on to tell the kids that they should make Frenchie feel at home while Matt walks into the kitchen to take food from the fridge. Matt sees that there are other people in the room besides himself and butts into their conversation, asking who he is supposed to make feel at home. "Some French guy," Ruthie responds, rolling her eyes, which is a response that I might give if there was a Frenchie coming to my house, so I give Ruthie mad props for no doubt the only time this season. RevCam explains that a foreign exchange student is coming, to which Matt responds with his awful comic timing; "Where's he going to sleep -- the roof?" RevCam is sure that sleeping accommodations can be made, at which both Simon and Ruthie look disturbed. No need to worry, Ruthie; RevCam won't be letting some French guy sleep with any of the girls in the house, right?

RevCam is in the middle of asking for volunteers when Mary, clutching her ever-present basketball, and Lucy walk in, hear the word "volunteers," and walk back out again. Heh. But the eyes of RevCam are sharp, and he sees them and screams, "Halt!" which stops the two in their tracks. While I can't imagine why RevCam would even consider the prospect of allowing Frenchie to sleep in his oldest daughters' room, I think it's a good call to ask them to volunteer, because we all know that if anyone is open to the prospect of sleeping in the same room as a boy, it's Lucy. Ruthie informs the two that there's a French guy coming to live with them, and they should "get out while [they] can!" Snicker.

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