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Here They Come, Walking Down The Street

Mary asks RevCam if Diane will be okay, and he says, "Yeah, but Diane had a massive heart attack." That doesn't sound "okay" at all! Mary's next question is if Diane will be able to play basketball again, and why is something that unimportant even being brought up at a time like this? RevCam says that they don't know the future holds for Diane and her mad basketball skillz. And just to rub in the fact that this was all Diane's dad's fault, we see a shot of him bending over his daughter inside the ambulance, while we see the CamRents through its windows hugging their live, non-heart-attack-having child. The show ends with the ambulance driving away. Um, except that it's driving further into the park. I watched it in slow motion, and the ambulance quite clearly drives into a dark wooded area. Maybe that's a short cut or something, but driving through rough terrain can't be a good idea when one of the passengers is suffering from a massive heart attack. Mary watches and cries some more. Whatever.

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