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Here They Come, Walking Down The Street

Annie busts in holding a coffee carafe, since 7th Heaven always makes sure it gets as much mileage out of its per-show prop expenses as possible, and asks if anyone wants a refill. The band thanks Annie for the dinner she apparently made them -- so much for her not having to go out of her way for the guests -- and she rather graciously tells them that they are welcome. She asks where they live when they're not on the road, and here comes the part where we learn the lesson that following one's dream is wrong as they reveal that they don't have real homes or wives or families. Bald then cracks that no one can blame the overpopulation of the world on them, which leads to an awkward silence as everyone in the room realizes that the overpopulation of the world can be blamed on Eric and Annie. Bald quickly apologizes, and Annie walks away.

Back in the kitchen, Annie comes back in with the coffee carafe as Lucy comes down the stairs and asks Annie when Eric's "weirdo" friends are leaving. Annie tries to blame Lucy for the fact that they're even there, because Lucy was on the phone so often, but I don't really see the connection. Annie then informs Lucy that she needs to spend some time away from the phone, so guess what? She's not allowed to use it all weekend. Annie bitchily says that Lucy can consider it a trial separation, to which Lucy responds that it sounds more like cruel and unusual punishment. Well, not really, Lucy, but thanks for playing, you spoiled brat. Lucy says that maybe Annie should consider getting call waiting or a second phone line, to which Annie does that "unlikely!" laugh that Moms so often do. "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me!" says Lucy. "Call waiting, a second phone line -- that was the Devil talking!" Then she storms away. Annie walks away, too, probably to call the local exorcist to get that Devil removed from her daughter.

Ruthie enters the kitchen from a doorway I've never seen before that leads to God knows where. Something that looks like a toilet brush is hanging on the wall inside, which leads me to believe that we're looking at a previously unseen and unmentioned second bathroom in the CamPound. Or it could just be a closet where the Camdens store their spare toilet brushes. I have no idea. All I know is that thinking about its possibilities is more interesting than watching Ruthie steal some coffee for Simon.

Somewhere upstairs, Mary asks Annie if she can go play basketball with Diane. After ascertaining that she won't have to drive or pick Mary up, Annie agrees. Mary leaves, all happy that she has something to do on her weekend, even if it is playing basketball with a druggie. RevCam comes in and says it's amazing how his old friends haven't changed since high school. Because all of RevCam's compliments are backhanded, he adds that the guys still have no real responsibilities or real jobs or real lives. Oh, come on now, they must have some responsibilities. I'm sure they've worked out a weekly rotation for the RV's septic tank emptying. Sewage doesn't just remove itself, you know! And who is RevCam to judge what constitutes a "real" life or not? Annie says that the band seems nice enough to her, as if people without "real lives" aren't usually nice or something. Bitch.

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