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The family that prays together, pries together

Annie, with new layers in her hair, folds laundry while Eric works on his laptop. RevCam can afford a laptop? Annie suggests that Eric go to the church to write his sermon. Eric wonders why she wants him to leave. She makes a big production of out of telling him to go so that she can "clean the house." This insistence is accompanied by several alternately mean and goofy faces. RevCam finally agrees to leave, but first he must call Mary. He calls his parents' house. Mary isn't there because she flew to Glenoak. George informs Eric of this, looking like he's stoned out of his mind. I figure out that this George guy must be the kid that The Colonel and Grandma Camden adopted a few seasons back. So I guess it's not TOO gross that he and Mary kissed a few episodes back...oh, wait. It still is, actually. "Mary's run away," RevCam tells StuporMom. "From home?" asks Annie. "To home," RevCam solemnly declares. Shut up, RevCam and Oboe. Over in Buffalo, we see Grandma Camden tell George that he should have kept his mouth shut.

After the theme song, RevCam calls his parents' house several times. Grandma Camden and George just ignore the ringing phone. GramCam says she doesn't want to be the one to tell him why Mary left Buffalo. At the CamPound, RevCam is paranoid, assuming that Mary's coming back to Glenoak so she can hook up with Robbie. Annie tries to talk sense into him. "Where is that teenage Lothario?" grits RevCam. Whoa...calm down, big guy. RevCam tries and fails to get info from Ruthie. Upstairs, Annie informs the kids of RevCam's suspicions and then tells them to complete their assignments, anyway. Hmm. The kids have assignments. I wonder what in the world Annie and the kids can be up to. I won't sleep until I know. RevCam was supposed to take a Mrs. Bink somewhere that day. Annie asks Matt and Simon to do it instead. Matt has a new 'do. His hair is short, but with long layers on top. It's sort of a pixie cut, but with sideburns. I hate to admit this, but he actually looks much better. It could just be my three-month dry spell talking, though. All the kids take off except Ruthie. Annie asks lazy Ruthie to "pick up the living room." I hate it when people say "pick up" instead of "clean up." I bet Annie says "garage" instead of "car hole," too. (Yes, that was a Simpsons reference.)

Mike the Formerly Suicidal Boy calls for Lucy. RevCam does the wacky paranoid act with him and then lets Lucy on the phone. Then Robbie walks in the back door and RevCam totally freaks on him. He asks where Robbie's been. Robbie says that he went to meet a friend, but the friend didn't show. RevCam accuses him of plotting to be with Mary instead. "You can drop the innocent act. It clashes with your lying, cheating personality," says Eric to his boytoy. Ouch. Robbie turns his other cheek and walks away. Annie soothes RevCam and ushers him out of the house. All I can say is, if Annie knows why Mary's coming back, she should tell her husband before he acts like an asshole to anyone else.

At the hospital, Mrs. Bink is a cranky old lady. She wants Matt and Simon to leave because she can't believe that they'd want to hang out with her voluntarily. They want to take her to the mall or something, though. Then Mrs. Bink says that she has a date and the boys are "killing [her] action." Matt doesn't believe her, so he decides that they'll spy.

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