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The family that prays together, pries together

The twins make a mess with Play-Doh while Ruthie gets into Robbie's business. She asks him about his relationship with Mary. He says that they're just friends, and then declines further comment. I'd rather listen to the twins' babbling, or at least see Robbie wearing nothing but a wet towel while RevCam scolds him.

Johnny shows up at Pete's Pizza, looking almost as haggard as I do. Annie immediately jumps up and starts yelling at him. She's tired of his lack of respect and responsibility. She demands to know what Johnny did to Frankie. Johnny doesn't get a word in edgewise. Annie does let his uncle yell at him a bit, though. Finally it's Johnny's turn to talk. "What's the use? You're never gonna believe me anyway!" he bawls before running out the door. Pete informs us that Johnny's parents haven't been involved in Mercy's life. There's a lesson to be learned there, but at this point I just want to make it to the end of the show.

Mike turns off the infomercial his mother's watching and kneels in front of her. As Lucy watches, he tells his mom that he'll never put her in the hospital because he loves her so freaking much. Lucy's eyes water. Mike glances at her before going on with his intensely personal monologue. He tells his mother that her husband's suicide wasn't her fault. Neither was his near-suicide. He talks about how selfish suicide is, and cries. "I took the pills. I drank the vodka. I locked the door and waited to die. I gave up on life -- me, not you." Et cetera, et cetera. "I want to see you embrace life and stop feeling badly [sic]." After several more days of this, Mike's mother pipes up, saying, "So...you...forgive me?" There are happy words and hugging. Fake tears stream down Lucy's face.

In the hospital waiting room, Simon reflects on the fact that his dad helps people like Mrs. Bink every day. He says that RevCam isn't paid enough. "I don't think he does it for the money," says Matt. Matt's just saying that because he represses the guilt he feels over eating all of RevCam's hard-earned groceries.

Annie has followed Johnny out to the pizza parlor patio, or, as I like to think of it, the Beer-Stealing Atrium. Annie's purse is ugly and out of style as Johnny explains that Frankie ran off to Vegas with her pot dealer. Annie sits down and listens to Johnny fret that he was afraid he'd hurt Mercy in his anger. He left the baby on the CamDoorstep because his own parents don't know anything about his anger-management issues. Annie tells him to swallow his pride and ask his parents for help. Johnny says they'd never understand. Annie says that she already told them the whole story on the phone. Well, that was...um...helpful of her.

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