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Big Big Shop of Horrors

Frank stops by the elevator and reports that he couldn't get hold of anyone on the phone. Matt says they have to be home; they're having a baby shower. "For who?" Lucy asks, idiotically. Frank says he hears sirens, so the ambulance must be on its way. The electrician, however, is not. Suddenly, Lucy starts to moan in pain again, and Matt sends Frank off to get the EMTs. On his way out, perhaps Frank could also grab a LADDER, which would solve everyone's problems immediately.

Back at the baby shower, the adult who isn't Joy Behar or Aunt Millicent declares that this is the "strangest" baby shower she's ever attended. Joy says she's just glad that they don't have to play any stupid shower games. The teenage girls chuckle. The phone rings, and Brenda Jr. says they should answer it. "It's not our house," says the Baby Shower Weirdness Judge. Aunt Millicent corrects her; this house belongs to the church. FakeRuthie answers the phone, listens, and then hangs up without saying goodbye. I'm still not sure that isn't Ruthie. From her three-second phone conversation, she heard that Lucy is in labor at the "Big Big Department Store." And all this time, I thought they were at a Wal-Mart, judging by those blue vests the employees had to wear. I'm going to give the department store's ridiculous name a pass because hey, could you have come up with anything better when you were ten? I'm sure this is the best this episode's writer could come up with. FakeRuthie says they have to find the Camdens and tell them. At that moment, the real Ruthie walks in, full of apologies for trapping a party full of strangers in a room full of fattening foods.

In the kitchen, Annie is almost beside herself with sadness that her "meatballs" are "all dried up." Meanwhile, my eyeballs are all poked out. Ruthie runs in and announces that Lucy is in labor and stuck in the Big Big Department Store. Annie lets out a few Big Big and more-than-slightly-orgasmic cries as she points her finger at various places around the kitchen until RevCam can get her out the door. She still reacted more calmly than Dr. Matt.

Mac and Martin are with SamVid again. They come across a big crowd in front of the elevator. Mac says they must be here for the woman having her baby in the elevator. SamVid guess that the woman is Lucy. Since apparently there are no other pregnant women in Glenoak, Mac and Martin become alarmed and push their way to the front of the crowd. They find Frank and a man who must be the store manager and ask if Lucy Kinkirk is in there. "We're her brothers," say SamVid. "She said the guy in there is her brother," says Frank, who apparently doesn't realize that you can have more than one sibling. Meanwhile, the electrician pretends to do some repair work on the elevator panel wiring, because I guess making the correct buttons light up is more important than getting the actual elevator to work right now.

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