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In a hospital room, Lucy and Kevin stare at their new daughter. Savannah stares back, looking extremely worried. Kevin says he has to tell Lucy something. "Is it about the house?" Lucy asks. It turns out that Kevin's realtor is married to one of the EMTs, and she found out that way. I hope the EMT was sure to spend all the free time he had in that elevator not assisting the delivery making fun of the fact that Lucy's husband bought a house without her. Kevin says he tried to take it back, but he couldn't. Lucy says she knows which house it is, and she thinks it's beautiful and wants to keep it. Well, that's easy. Kevin doesn't think Annie is "ready" for them to move. Nor, I suspect, is this show's set construction department. Lucy says they can take their time leaving the CamPound, then. Oh, good. Kevin kisses his daughter and his wife on the forehead. "I love you, Savannah," says Lucy. Savannah sticks her tongue out at Lucy. I think Savannah is my new favorite character. So ends the first baby-delivery TV episode I've ever seen that wasn't even remotely touching.

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