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Matt and Lucy make their way downstairs. Beverley Mitchell appears to have mistaken the "pregnancy waddle" for the "blind person going over treacherous ground amble" as she places her hands on Matt's shoulders and follows him down. As soon as the two leave the house, we see SamVid spying on them from behind some curtains like the good little Camdens they are. I don't know why they bothered to pull the curtains back, since I'm sure all curtains in the CamPound are made of a special material that allows one to see through them on one side, but not be seen by their prey on the other. You can't get curtains like these at the store, however; RevCam created their special weave in his basement laboratory.

SamVid make their way to the kitchen, where Annie and Kevin are hanging out, and report that Matt and Lucy are gone. "OOOH!" Annie moans in what I believe is supposed to be delight; "nice work, errgghhh ha haaa!" All four exchange high-fives, although SamVid, being slow, pretty much miss every attempt. But it's still funny to see how happy everyone is now that Lucy and Matt are out of the house. I imagine I will have a similar reaction when this show is finally cancelled. "Errgghhh, ha haaa!" I'll say, throwing up a hand in Sars's direction, which she will then, of course, totally miss contact with, having no less than four celebratory half-beers precariously balanced in her hands.

Today's Opening Credits Timewaster consists of various CamFam members moving baby crap into the CamDen. I see a lot of wicker. Finally, we've got a room full of what looks like no less than seven bassinets, a rocking horse, a rocking chair, and a pie. Not a good showing, Camdens. And really, there's just no excuse for them, of all people, not being total experts on what to buy for a new baby. It's really the only thing they're qualified to give advice on, not like that stops them. Happy observes the proceedings with her usual look of indifference mixed with disgust. Annie says they have about an hour before Matt is supposed to bring Lucy home. Kevin says he has one more gift to get and asks Ruthie if she wants to come with him. She does. They leave.

RevCam takes a seat on the couch, earning him some nagging from Annie, who says they still have work to do. RevCam protests, saying that he isn't even invited to the shower he apparently has to work so hard to set up. Annie tells RevCam he is welcome to attend. RevCam says it's an "old-fashioned" "ladies only" shower. I still don't see why he can't go, but thanks for the clumsy exposition, CamRents. Martin enters with SamVid and says he's taking them to the park to play baseball, because I guess the Camdens' backyard disappeared during the hiatus. RevCam bitches that he'll be stuck at the CamPound "helping." Martin and Vid agree that that sucks for RevCam, and the three take off.

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