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In the kitchen, our rude party hosts are trying to figure out a way to see Kevin's new house while the baby shower is still going on. Kevin says that they have a pool, although, sadly, it's fenced, so Happy won't be able to drown herself in it. I guess she'll have to try the cookie overdose again. Kevin adds that the house also has a "spa" and "rose gardens." The realtor calls and Kevin leaves to take it. RevCam tells Annie she can't leave the CamPound when they have a whole room full of baby shower guests, but Annie waves her arms dismissively. Suddenly, Aunt Julie rushes in, frantic. Apparently, Ed Begley, Jr. managed to get himself and their kids kicked out of the zoo. You see, Erica threw some fried chicken into the monkey cage and a monkey choked on it. Wow, Camdens and their relatives are spreading terror all over Glenoak today! Anyway, Julie has to go and...uh...give the monkey the Heimlich or bail Ed Begley, Jr. out of the zoo jail or something, so she rushes off. I have to wonder if Aunt Julie was originally just supposed to say that Erica had a fever and she needed to get home to take care of her, and Deborah Raffin decided to get revenge on the writers for putting her in the episode, only to take her out of it before the touching CamClan moments started, and just ad-libbed that whole thing. Then again, this is the woman with, as we saw from the episode she directed, all the creativity of a can of spicy garlic green beans. Which is still more than that possessed by Brenda Hampton.

Kevin comes back in the room and says one of the house's other bidders will buy the house from him, but it will mean Kevin will lose twenty-five thousand dollars on the deal. Annie decides she must see this house, and orders Ruthie to stay there and watch the party. Ruthie says there's more than enough food to keep the guests happy and she wants to see the house, too, even though she just saw it. "This is so rude of me," Annie acknowledges. "Let's go!" she squeals, a huge scary smile breaking out on her face. All four of them rush out the door. As soon as they're gone, the phone rings.

Completely unsupervised, SamVid pull toys off shelves to give to the baby. They say that if the baby doesn't like the toys, then can just keep them for themselves. Annie will allow this to happen so that they won't be jealous about the new baby. I must say, I'm almost impressed with the twins this week. They're almost on a three-year-old intelligence level. Too bad that's when they're considered collectively.

Mac and Martin stroll around the baby section trying to figure out what to get for a newborn baby. Mac suggests a teddy bear, but Martin thinks it's too soon for that. They decide to "think outside the box" (ew) about baby gifts. They walk away, revealing an old lady and a slightly younger woman who are gossiping about how someone has gone into labor in the department store elevator. The old lady isn't worried since, as she says, women used to give birth at home all the time. Yes, back in the days when the infant mortality rate was a lot higher, as were the number of women dying during childbirth. And these women had experienced midwives. Mac and Martin walk up and ask the women what to buy for a baby shower. The crazy old lady suggests a breast pump. But is that as funny as a monkey choking on a chicken bone? Actually, it's equal, since both are tied at "zero."

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