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RevCam rushes to the phone as it rings. It's Annie, wondering why Asslee didn't tell RevCam to call her back. RevCam says that Asslee must have forgotten, but I'd say it's probably because she didn't get paid for babysitting. I would also suggest to Eric that he inspect his tires for slash marks before he drives to work tomorrow. Eric asks about Annie's dad; she says that he's feeling better, and less confused and agitated. Wow, she cured Alzheimer's. Maybe she can bring actor Graham Jarvis back from the dead, too, so I won't feel so weird about recapping a scene about a character whose portrayer has long since died. Annie wonders how she and Eric are going to get through this. "Same way we get through everything," RevCam says. Oh, that's not good. Annie asks how Simon's meeting went, and hopes that Eric and Simon didn't make any decisions without her, like for Simon to go away to college. RevCam says he doesn't think they'll be able to stop him. The Saxophone of Starting Another Season Off Wrong With A Five-Episode Quasi-Story Arc plays us out.

Next time on a Very Special Episode of 7th Heaven, the family comes face-to-face with the realities of sexual abuse when Richard Lewis forces himself on Annie in front of her youngest daughter. Or the previews are lying to us again.

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