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Glenoak PD Blue. Kevin walks by Det. Michaels, who greets him with a uncharacteristically personality-filled "Kinkirrrrk. How's it goin'?" Kevin says that it's going well, and how is Det. Michaels? This is just the window of opportunity that Det. Michaels was waiting for, as he begins to tell Kevin all about his life situation. He wants to take his wife out for their anniversary, but their babysitter cancelled, and they can't leave their six-year-old daughter home alone. Kevin didn't know that Det. Michaels had a daughter. I didn't even know that Det. Michaels had a life outside of helping out the Camdens. Det. Michaels clarifies that it's actually his granddaughter, whom he's taking care of while his son is in law school. How brave of Det. Michaels's son, to be a quadriplegic and still follow his dream of going to law school. I mean, I don't actually know that he's a quadriplegic, but I must assume that he is, as he otherwise would be perfectly capable of taking care of his own daughter, even while attending law school. Det. Michaels gushes that his granddaughter is "cute as a button," and asks what Kevin and Lucy have planned tonight. Kevin says that Lucy is going out with Roxanne, but he doesn't have any plans. Oh, wait -- now he does. He'll be babysitting for Det. Michaels's granddaughter. It's so easy to trick robots into doing things for you. Officer Blandy McDullard walks up and whispers to Kevin that he's a sucker.

Ruthie gets some books out of her locker, which the school unwisely chose to paint a dull orange color. A nasty little girl walks up and starts asking Ruthie pointed questions about her summer. Someone on the forums said that she's the same girl who made fun of Ruthie last season, but I'm not sure since I never saw that episode. I had to wash my hair that season. Cruel Girl says that Ruthie must have had a tough summer, what with her brother running over that guy and all. Hey, it could be worse. Ruthie could be wearing a pink t-shirt with a puffy-painted butterfly on it, like you. Cruel Girl asks if the reason why Simon never got arrested was because their dad is a pastor. Some huge guy walks up and asks what's going on. Oh, good. A teacher to help Ruthie with her bullying problem. Oh, that's supposed to be a classmate? But…he's twice the size of all the other students! Cruel Girl tells him that she's trying to be nice to Ruthie, because Ruthie doesn't have any friends. It's good to know that there are some people in Glenoak who can manage to recognize and avoid evil in their midst. Biggiesize Fries says that preacher's kids never have any friends because they're losers, and again suggests that Simon didn't get arrested because of who his dad is. Then tiny Peter walks up, and Ruthie leaves with him.

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