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As they walk down the hall, Peter asks Ruthie what's wrong. She won't say, but he guesses that Biggiesize and Cruel Girl were talking about Simon, and volunteers to tell them off or punch Biggiesize. How…um…chivalrous? Ruthie tells him to just ignore them. Peter says that ignoring everyone will just make things worse. Right -- unlike having your gallant, if petite, boyfriend try to fight the largest boy in the history of boys, which would result in a much better outcome. Peter asks Ruthie if she's told her parents about how everyone in her school is talking about her brother. Ruthie says that they have too much to worry about, what with Simon being a murderer, Grandpa having Alzheimer's, and Mary living a functional and independent life, to have time to worry about her. Then she flatly says that she has to go to class. You know, this season, I think Mackenzie Rosman has decided to no longer try to act. I'm not sure if she's now better or worse than when she was trying. "Sorry about all this, honey," says Peter, Peter, Antiquated Terms of Endearment Leader. With Ruthie gone, Peter walks up to Biggiesize, calls him a coward, and says that he should pick on a "man" instead of Ruthie. Biggiesize and I laugh at Peter for considering himself a man. "You want me to fight you?" Biggie asks. "YOU want HIM to fight YOU?" Cruel Girl parrots. Peter says that he wants to fight Biggie, but after Biggie beats the hell out of him, he will have to stop talking about Simon and beat up anyone else who does. Biggie says that if Peter can last three minutes in the ring without crying or breaking anything, he'll agree to his conditions. Biggie and Nasty walk away, leaving Peter to wonder if dating Ruthie is really worth all this.

Avert your eyes! It's an extreme close-up of RevChan making out with a blonde woman twice his age! And no, it's not Annie. The kissing comes to an abrupt halt when Lucy walks in. The woman greets Lucy and says that she was just saying good-bye to RevChan, who smiles dorkily all, "Huh huh, I just totally almost got laid, huh huh." It's the same look we've seen on Matt's face many a time. After the woman leaves, Lucy digs into her dad's co-worker about how quickly he got over Roxanne. Chandler responds by asking Lucy what she's doing there, to which she answers that she needs to borrow a book for school. I guess the legs on Crawford Clown College's desks are uneven and need something to help them balance. Chandler knows exactly where the book is, grabs it from the shelf, and hands it to Lucy. She informs Chandler that the girl he was just getting mouth herpes from is (dun dun dunnnn!) divorced. How did she get out of the Divorced Women's Leper Colony on the other side of town? Chandler asks Lucy if there's anything else she wants, like to make some more judgments or offer some unsolicited advice. Like he's never done that before. The phone rings. Chandler answers it and makes dinner plans for Friday (as every other day of the week was already booked), then hangs up on the caller. "You're disgusting!" Lucy shouts at him, and leaves. Then she turns around and asks Chandler if he really should be using his congregation as his own personal dating pool. Chandler says that most people date people they work with. Lucy screams that this is different because Chandler is a minister, and is supposed to be doing the work of God. Chandler says that he never realized how attractive that was to women, and he's "enjoying" getting over Roxanne. Lucy walks out again, then stops and walks back into the office to give him a cartoonish dirty look. Then she leaves before Chandler can take his book back.

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