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RevCam watches her walk out, then dials the police station again. Officer Crewmember'sSon answers and says that Det. Michaels is gone for the day. Eric hangs up as Lucy enters the room with the twins and hands him a pizza menu. She says that she's going out with Roxanne. RevCam can't believe that a strong patriarch like Kevin would allow Lucy to go out without a male chaperone and help Roxanne pick up men. Then he asks if she can take the twins with her. Lucy says no, and suggests that RevCam have Chandler cancel one of his many dates and go to the budget meeting in his stead, thus eliminating the need for a babysitter. RevCam says that he'll just take the twins to the budget meeting. I'm sure the Board of Directors/Trustees/Church Elders will be thrilled to bits about that. SamVid says that their energy cells have been depleted from all the work they've already done today, so going back to work tonight is simply not a possibility. RevCam says that he'll just ask Simon to babysit; Lucy says that Simon's gone for the night, and that he still wants to go to college far away from Glenoak in the very near future. RevCam sulks. Lucy leaves, making the coast clear for the confession of RevCam's deepest desires. "You know who I miss around here?" he asks the twins. "Mommmmmeeee?" they answer. "Hell, no!" RevCam says, "I miss Asslee and her firm, yet perky, breasts." The twins say that they miss Asslee too, because she's nice and pretty and fun, and their dad is none of these things. RevCam goes to call her, but before he can, Lucy, who was apparently spying on them this whole time, runs into the room and says that Simon and Asslee broke up, and it's not right to tempt Simon into staying home while getting babysitting services at the same time. RevCam pooh-poohs this and says he's calling Asslee.

We see an exterior shot of a house that isn't the CamPound. Ooooh, variety! Inside, Ruthie sits on Peter's bed and probably wonders if the fact that his back is turned to her while he talks to his mother on the phone could be a bad sign for the future of their relationship. Peter finally gets off the phone and turns to face the camera for the first time. The Piano of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar plays as we see that Peter has fallen victim to the insane make-up crew that claimed Simon earlier. Oh, actually, the make-up was applied by Ruthie to hide his bruises. Although this doesn't really explain why he's got lipstick and eyebrow pencil on, does it? I guess we'll just have to draw our own conclusions. Peter says that he'll go to bed before his mom gets home, and that way she won't see him until after school tomorrow; by then, the bruises will be gone. Okay, but if he's not even planning to see his mom tonight, then why does he need to wear make-up at all? I guess these kinds of glaring inconsistencies happen when one constructs a scene purely for the sake of "humor," while disregarding the fact that it has little place in the narrative and makes no sense. And I'll bet at that least half this show's serious audience thought that it was heee-larious. Ruthie says that Peter's plan isn't going to work, and he's going to have to tell someone about the fight sooner or later.

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