7th Heaven

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Robbie brings his new honey home to the CamPound. She's wearing a pair of super-tight shiny pink pants. She asks how he liked her church. He says it was different. It would have been hard to miss her shiny pink pants, but just in case you did, the camera pans slowly up her legs, though it doesn't quite make it to her breasts. Robbie comments, "I have never seen anyone at my church wear pants like that." Actually, that's the first time I've seen anyone wear pants so ugly anywhere, but to be fair, I don't get out that much these days. She cozies up to him seductively and asks if he thinks the Camdens will like her. Robbie optimistically replies, "Most of them," which is probably a stretch. He doesn't look like he cares, though, once she starts making out with him. Mercifully, the shot fades out before we see any pants-staining.

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7th Heaven




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