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The phone rings, and Billy asks if it's Mary calling. Wilson tells him again to go to sleep, which might be a little hard for him, since Wilson is still sitting on his bed, talking to RevCam on the phone. At least he gets up to put on some pants. I guess that's one of the rules in the bizarre game of Strip Phone he invented: if you get a live call, you put on an item of clothing. RevCam expresses surprise that all his kids have called Wilson already. Why he would be surprised by that is anybody's guess. Of course he's calling to pry, just like everyone else did, though he pretends that he's just offering his services as a counselor. Wilson doesn't fall for it, though, and he says that any explanations will have to come from Mary. He hangs up on Eric, but at least he does say goodbye before he does. Wow. That's probably a first for this show.

Annie's doing some token hammering in the Garage Treehouse while Mary lazily watches her. SuperMom tries to get her to help, but Mary begs off, saying she's too tired, since it's after eleven in New York. Hey, you know where else it's after eleven? In Buffalo, which is where she's actually come from. Annie offers her version of the fatted calf by telling Mary she can use her bathtub for a bubble bath. She even throws in an offer to serve up some apple pie a la mode in the tub.

Mary runs into Robbie in the second-floor hallway of the CamPound. She asks him if he's going out. His outfit's hardly spectacular, so I'm not sure why she would think that. At first, Robbie's not sure if he's going out. It takes him a while to come up with an answer, as he explores all the possibilities: "No. Yes. No. Kind of. Yes." Mary tells him to have a good time, then asks if they should talk. Robbie comes up with a quick answer this time, and that answer is no. Mary thinks that things will be tense unless they have some big discussion, but Robbie points out that things already are tense. After babbling for a while about how "time changes everything," he bolts. I wonder if Mary is developing an inferiority complex by now because of the way nobody wants to talk to her. I sincerely hope so.

Lucy and Ruthie fuel Mary's complex by looking distressed when they run into her. Clueless Mary cheerily asks, "What's going on?" Not missing a beat, Ruthie says, "You tell us." Mary asks what they want to know. Obviously, Ruthie wants to know if Mary and Wilson got married. Mary rudely says that she's tired, and adds, "Could you just give me a day or so to readjust before you start asking me about my life?" Okay, but you invited the question. And I still don't see how hard it would be to give a yes or no answer. Lucy throws out a snarky "Why not?" To her credit, Mary tries to tackle the situation head-on by asking what Lucy is angry about. Lucy angrily replies that she's not angry. Mary catches Lucy glancing at the door to Robbie's room, so she antagonizes her by saying that she thinks Robbie went out on a date. Lucy is skeptical, so Mary busts out the snotty attitude and pries into the Lucy/Robbie dating situation, prompting Ruthie and Lucy to walk off.

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