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Dopey has carried a lawn chair up to the Garage Treehouse, which is not looking any more finished than it did the last time we saw it, despite that fact that Annie's allegedly almost done with it. Dopey is joined by Lucy, Ruthie, Simon, and Happy. When they learn that Matt is planning on staying in the Treehouse as a protest against Annie giving the apartment to Mary, they decide to join in. Ruthie thinks it's a bad idea, but she joins them anyway, even after Lucy makes her go fetch blankets for them.

Ruthie runs into Robbie, who is trying to scrub a stain out of his pants. I don't even want to speculate what that stain might be from. He's got lipstick all over his face -- like a whole tube of it. What kind of dork was he out with, that she wouldn't warn him he looks like a circus freak? Lucy walks in and looks hurt as she asks Robbie how he could find someone new in a week. He makes the mistake of thinking she's talking about his break-up with Mary, which really sets her off. With a whiny "So I meant nothing to you," she's out of there.

Upstairs, she takes out her anger on Mary, which makes me laugh, even though I have to roll my eyes when she tries to get Ruthie to pick sides. I do laugh again, though, when Ruthie picks Lucy.

Mary goes downstairs in search of someone who is willing to talk to her. She may need to go a little further afield for that, though. When Robbie hears her coming, he dashes out the back door. When he thinks she's gone, he opens the door again, but Mary sees him. He tries to run away, but she drags him back into the CamKitchen. Her sad question, "Do they all hate me?" sends me off into fresh gales of laughter. Yes, Mary, they do. And trust me, they're not the only ones.

The next morning, the director fills up screen time with a seemingly endless shot of the kids sleeping in the Treehouse, before switching over to a frantic Annie, who's running around, opening doors, and shouting to Eric that their children are missing. RevCam tells her he thinks they may be in the garage, and she rushes off.

She screams at the kids for scaring her and asks them if this is their idea of a "sick prank." Believe me, I know pranks, and this sure isn't one. Annie's not exactly mollified to find out that the kids are protesting her decision to give Mary the Treehouse. Detestable Ruthie says she tried to warn the others, but they wouldn't listen. She tells Annie to "go ahead" and "let her rip," which makes me want to do something violent. Annie asks her why she went along with the protest if she knew it was wrong. Vile Ruthie claims it was so she would be here for the inevitable confrontation. Annie punishes her by sending her to the CamPound. At first Ruthie doesn't want to go, so Annie stomps her feet. Man, Annie's so freaky-ass scary anyway that I'm not exactly sure how the stomping would make any difference. Does Ruthie actually think Annie's going to stomp on her head? The stomping does convince her to scurry off, so I guess some good has come of it. The rest of the kids refuse to go, though. Annie leaves, telling them they're making a "big mistake." The kids all look nervous, as Dopey says, "This is an historic moment, the moment we defied our mother." Well, somebody had to do it. Annie's gone 'round the bend. Dopey adds, "We shalt surely die." Oh, yeah, promises, promises.

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