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Ruthie tries to outrun Psycho Annie, but she's not quick enough. Annie has a piece of advice for her: "Life isn't fair, so get over it." Hey, that's actually some pretty good advice for a change. Let me return the favour by giving you a little advice, Annie. You are completely unfit to be a parent and should seek professional help immediately. Hope that helps. Ruthie sucks up to Annie in a way that's puke-inducing. I'm grateful when Annie sends her off to ready the twins for church.

Mary comes out and offers to leave "before things get any worse." Annie won't let her go. In fact, she tells her to choose any room she wants, since she is planning on making the rest of the kids sleep out in the Treehouse "just the way it is." She cackles maniacally. Whoa -- does anyone have the number for Glenoak Children's Aid?

Annie shoots daggers at RevCam when she sees him coming out of her bathroom. She tells him that the kids tried to "pull off a coup," but in her mind, at least, they have failed. She promises that "they are about to reap the consequences of their stupidity, their lack of respect and their failure to recognize that they have no power whatsoever!" Um, has anyone found that Children's Aid Society number yet? I'm not advocating disobedience toward parents, but I'm not sure that teaching children they have "no power whatsoever" is exactly great for the self-esteem either. I really hope we're not supposed to identify with Annie here.

Ruthie comes over and begs for RevCam's help. I don't know if she wants him to get her off the hook, punishment-wise, or if she's actually fearful for her safety. Mary's no help, and she leaves. I hope it's to pull up her pants, since it looks like they are about to fall off. Ruthie explains about the protest and says that she realizes she made a mistake. RevCam praises her for realizing this and apologizing for it, but Annie walks by at that moment and snaps out that it's "not good enough." RevCam just shrugs helplessly like the big wuss that he is.

Down in the CamKitchen, Mary asks Robbie who he's dating. That's nice. Even though nobody's allowed to ask her any questions, she still feels free to badger everyone else. When Robbie doesn't reply, Mary snarkily asks, "You don't even know her name?" What a bitch. Robbie verifies that he's not dating Cheryl, since they are just "friends." Mary asks if she and Robbie are friends. He's wise enough not to want her crappy friendship, but polite enough not to rub it in. He just says that maybe someday they'll be friends. Not bad, Robbie, not bad. He's even polite enough not to tell her to shut up when she asks if he's in love with his new girlfriend. Most normal people would probably find that a ridiculous question, since Robbie has only been dating this woman a week, but in Glenoak, anything goes. Mary says that she and Wilson broke up. She asks if Robbie wants to know why. He does not. Ha! He does tell her that she should divulge her news to the rest of the family, though. He also says that he doesn't want to get back together with Mary. While it's pretty arrogant of him to assume that that's why she's home, anything that humiliates her further is all right in my book. Mary goes back to whining about her and Robbie not being friends, and says that it doesn't matter to her if he made out with some woman. Robbie explains that this woman is special. He knew it as soon as he met her. In fact, she's someone he could see himself marrying. Yeah, whatever. Mary asks if Robbie will be bringing his new love to church, but Robbie says he will be attending his girlfriend's church instead. Uh-oh. I'm not psychic, but I think I see a very annoying subplot in his future!

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