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SamVid come home and start running around the kitchen island screaming "Happy Valentine's Day!" Annie enters the room and bitches about how whoever handed out cupcakes at the end of the school day wasn't the mother of twins. Not like she's the mother of twins, really; those two don't even look related, let alone like twins. Sam and Vid start telling fish stories about how many cupcakes they ate, then ask for birthday cake. As it turns out, those two are much better actors when they're given realistic material. Annie tells them to take the dog and run around outside. They do, and Lucy enters. She announces her intention to make cupcakes for Kevin as a Valentine's Day present. She wants to "bake him something." Women's liberation movement, please set your calendars back a hundred years. Annie lectures that Lucy and Kevin don't need to get each other presents, but allows Lucy to take over the kitchen, providing that she cleans up afterwards. Hey, Lucy? If you just made those cupcakes in your own kitchen in your own mansion, you wouldn't have to ask anyone's permission. Also, cupcakes? Unless she's planning to present them by having them cover strategic locations on her body, that's not a very sexy V-day present. At all.

Annie asks Lucy if she can watch the twins while she and RevCam have their special Valentine's Day picnic, and Lucy actually has the nerve to almost say no because she has to watch Savannah or whatever. Annie pulls a face in response, and Lucy quickly assents to her demands. She says she's just putting the finishing touches on their birthday present, which are homemade Batman capes. Annie lies that the twins will love that, then tells her to "get to work." Lucy makes a dorky smile, then talks to herself.

RevCam strolls along the Promenade, where all the extras from Annie's earlier dancing scene are still hanging out. RevCam tries to enter "Frenchie's," the most uncreatively-named French bakery ever, but they have locked the door on him. Ha! I bet that happens to RevCam a lot. This time, however, it's because the bakery is closed. Their hours, RevCam sees on a sign, are seven in the morning to two in the afternoon. This place has got to be a front for all the anti-American terrorist activities Glenoakians suspect the French of, because there's no way that place is staying in business with hours like that.

Kevin's still trying to get some roses, but all the nearby florists are out of roses, as well as all flowers period. Kevin, it's called FTD.com. Or you could just steal some flowers from those Promenade planters, which are filled with them.

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