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Songs In The Key Of Terrible

SamVid have stomachaches from eating too much. They only have each other for comfort, though, because RevCam and Annie are outside eating sandwiches. They aren't sandwiches from the French bakery, however. They're peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, because I guess it never dawned on RevCam that Chinese or pizza can be ordered for dinner. Annie says the potato chips were a "nice touch," then takes a bite out of her sandwich. Either she put those chips in her sandwich, or they are using some stale-ass bread, because the sound effect her sandwich makes is very, as Carolyn might say, "crunchy." They toast each other with what I'm sure is non-alcoholic champagne, and Annie gives RevCam his present: red socks. She explains that RevCam wore red socks on their first date, for which they had a chicken dinner that Annie cooked. How domestic! She says that she thought that seminary student RevCam was a little "too straight" for her, which she should have no problem with after seeing him sing and dance around in this episode, but when she saw his red socks, she realized that he was a wild and crazy guy after all. And that's why, she says, all teary-eyed, she always gets him those stupid socks for Valentine's Day, because every year she hopes it will inspire him to go a little wild and try something other than the missionary position. Also, I find it hard to believe that, after twenty-something years of marriage during which Annie bought RevCam twenty-something pairs of socks, he never asked her what her deal with them was until now.

Annie and RevCam kiss, and then RevCam beings to sing "Love Is Sweeping The Country" again. In bed, sick and lonely SamVid sing their parts. I hate to say it, but Sam is doing something under the covers when he sings about "all the sexes." Kevin talks his part out. We go back to RevCam, who sings about the "birdies above," like if he's seeing birds at nighttime, they're probably bats. And I hope they're diseased. Annie sings, and then Ruthie does that weird, incomprehensible French thing as she performs the exciting action of putting a glass in the dishwasher. RevCam finishes the song, and he and Annie kiss. A heart-wipe -- yes, a HEART-WIPE -- take us out. I'd complain about that more, but I'm just so glad this is over.

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