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Songs In The Key Of Terrible

RevCam stammers out a message for Annie where he is properly contrite for not doing the dishes from the meal he MADE FOR HER and for being nice enough to do the laundry, even though he screwed it up. He says he'll be home early and he's also sorry that he didn't remember owning red socks or whatever. Then he hangs up and stares at the picture some more. And then he starts to sing "You Are My Lucky Star" to it, even going so far as to pick it up and dance around with it. Whatever, RevCam: I mean, I'm sure the frame is solid oak and all, but I don't think it's THAT great. Jeez. Anyway, at least Stephen Collins has a trained singing voice, even if he does need to learn how to calm down his mouth with the lip-syncing. An unsuspecting Lou could fall in there. I laugh out loud when RevCam clasps the frame to his chest. I wish he wouldn't insist on shoving one hand in his pocket for a lot of this, though, because that makes me think he's doing things that I don't want to think about him doing. Song complete, RevCam sits back down and stares at the frame instead of doing any actual work. I have the feeling that RevCam has to sing to that picture of Annie several times a day in order to convince himself that he actually likes the person he's married to.

Annie glomps into the house, fresh from walking Happy/curtailing another one of Happy's escape attempts. She shoots the dirty dishes a glare, like, DROP IT ALREADY, then walks over to the washing machine. As she grabs the re-washed items from the washing machine and stuffs them in the dryer, she proceeds to nag RevCam about the red socks even though he can't possibly hear her. This is what she spends her time at home doing: practicing nagging for when her ungrateful family comes home. Lucy comes downstairs, which is nice in that it saves us from hearing any more of Annie, but sucks because we now have to hear Lucy whine about her husband daring to go to work on Valentine's Day. "Well, he had to go to work sometime," Annie says unsympathetically. She adds that a lot of the officers who didn't just get seven months or whatever off for paternity leave probably wanted to take today off to be with their "wives and girlfriends." It's not like I'd expect Annie to mention any possible homosexuals on the GPD, but what about the police women? Do they, as working women and not obedient stay-at-home types, not get to have husbands and boyfriends?

Lucy poutily asks Annie what bug crawled up her ass. Did Annie and RevCam have a fight? Annie lies that they didn't. In fact, she rapidly says, "Your dad and I aren't fighting we're just you know very much in love very very much in love still after years and years of marriage we're just CRAZY about each other." Cut off those last three words and you have something resembling the truth. Lucy asks her mother what she has planned for today. Annie says she has to do the dishes and the laundry and "make a birthday cake for the twins now." And then she grabs her coat and pocketbook and leaves the house. I guess you don't have to do anything too far in advance when the birthday cake you're serving is a Styrofoam block covered with chocolate and cyanide frosting.

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