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Songs In The Key Of Terrible

Finally, the song is over, and Vincent walks back to Ruthie while the entire team acts like nothing just happened and resumes practice. You know, if you're going to do a musical episode, you either have to make it all surreal and Umbrellas of Cherbourg-like and have everyone sing every line for the entire episode, or find an excuse to have people singing. You can't just have people burst out into song, complete with a ghost orchestra accompaniment, then suddenly stop and have everyone act like nothing weird just happened. Plus, you could at least make up your own damn songs instead of using "old standards" that don't really fit the story, like Ruthie's "Nice Work If You Can Get It." Anyway, Ruthie and Vincent kiss, and Vincent asks to go out tonight. Ruthie says she can't, because it's a school night, as well as SamVid's birthday. Vincent says he'll call instead, and they walk away.

For some reason, Zoe didn't run away during that whole musical number, and Martin walks up to her. She asks him if he wants to "you know," but Martin says no. He would like to hang out and talk, however, and they walk away holding hands. Give it up already, Zoe. He doesn't want to have sex with you and you just saw him can-canning with his baseball team. Come on.

At the station, Capt. Michaels greets Kevin. Capt. Michaels apologizes for making Kevin work extra hours on Valentine's Day, but Kevin says the holiday doesn't mean that much to him, because he's normal. Capt. Michaels is confused; didn't Kevin propose to Lucy on Valentine's Day? Okay, Capt. Michaels SERIOUSLY needs to get over his obsession with Lucy. He asks if Kevin got Lucy something for the holiday, then calls Kevin "stupid" because he didn't. Kevin points out that he "got" Lucy a baby and a house. Okay, but you didn't actually "get" Lucy a baby, did you? And as for the house, Lucy hasn't even so much as set foot in it yet, so I don't think she really likes it. Capt. Michaels admonishes Kevin for not showering Lucy with presents, saying that his marriage failed for similar reasons. If I were Kevin, I would thrilled to have discovered a way to end my crappy marriage, but he just says he'll call a florist. "Now you're thinking!" Capt. Michaels says sarcastically, giving Kevin a condescending little pat on the shoulder. Shut up, Capt. Michaels. I liked you better when you were a sergeant. Kevin whips out the yellow pages and lets his fingers do the walking. Unfortunately, all the florists they walk to are out of roses. I guess the Glenoak florists don't understand the concept of "anticipating high customer demand."

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