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Regarding Eric

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Regarding Eric

Now that the Brands have left, Ruthie confesses to the CamRents that she has been trying to help Eric by…oh, whatever the hell she's been doing this episode. You don't actually care about any of this, do you? Good, because I don't either. Ruthie leaves. Suffice it to say, RevCam whines some more about how he feels "like less of a man." Except this time he blames God for it. Hey, Eric, where are you going? Just as this storyline was finally starting to get interesting, RevCam gets up and leaves. Thanks a lot.

Next we see a short clip of the Famous People Players performing. Actually, we see it being played on the CamVCR for Lenny and Marie. Paul and Lucy and another woman are watching too. I'm assuming this is the founder of the troupe, Diane. As the Players take their bows, we see that Paul is among them onstage. At least, many of us viewers notice. Apparently, Lenny doesn't have a clue, as he argues that his brother is not capable of performing onstage. Paul points out that he was performing. He tells his brother and Marie that he got to the performance by sneaking out of the house and taking a bus to the next town. He also tells them that he's going to be staying with the troupe. He'll be leaving with Diane tomorrow. Diane tries to defuse the tension by suggesting that Paul and his family talk it over and make the decision as a family. Before she gets to that point, though, we have to listen to one of the lengthiest PSAs I've ever heard. I am impressed with the whole concept of this theater group, but as Diane goes on and on and on, I'm tempted to nod off once or twice. Look, just show the performers some more, all right?

Eventually, of course, Lenny decides that Paul can join the troupe if he wants. Paul thanks Lucy for her help, but Lucy protests that she "didn't do anything." Hey, she…provided the VCR. Yeah, that's right! And didn't she make some tea before? Yeah! Despite the fact that I even grew to like Lucy during parts of this episode, I still can't quite picture her ever becoming a counselor. But then, what are the odds of her ever graduating from Crawford Clown College anyway?

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