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Regarding Eric

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Regarding Eric

My goodness -- this week's Opening Credits Timewaster is certainly risque! RevCam is taking off his clothes, and he's going it right in front of us! I wonder why they didn't save this scene for November sweeps. Oh, now I know why. It's because this might be the least sexy striptease anyone has ever performed. There's RevCam folding up his tie neatly and laying out his trousers on the bed so they don't wrinkle. Annie comes in. She's not terribly turned on by the strip show either. When RevCam whines at great length that nobody needs him, Annie patronizes him. They're both so annoying, though, that the only people I feel any sympathy for are the viewers.

Robbie accosts Lucy to find out if she's been telling Kevin not to help him in his quest to date Roxanne. Lucy just shrugs. Robbie says he thought she had "made peace" with Roxanne, which prompts Lucy to ask this thoroughly distasteful question: "She's gorgeous; her uniform's too tight; her hair is too shiny; she wears too much lip gloss; and she drives around in a car all day with my soon-to-be-fiancé, and you think I made peace with her?" Lucy, you know, a smart girl would make peace with her boyfriend's partner. Hell, even a fairly dumb girl might see how it would be to her advantage not to display jealousy so ostentatiously. I can't help but wonder if Brenda is trying consciously to create the world's most repugnant stereotype of a dumb blonde. Surely she must realize that she's pretty much accomplished that goal. Or does she actually think she can make Lucy even stupider somehow? Honestly, I'm not sure that's physically possible. The fact that Lucy claims she's leaving because she has "a paper to research" affords me the best laugh I've had in a while.

Ruthie encounters RevCam, who's still busy feeling sorry for himself. She tries to perk him up by telling him that Simon needs help. How sad it is that this attempt succeeds in piquing the Revster's interest.

Up in the uninhabitable Garage Treehouse, Kevin "T-1000" Kinkirk and lame-ass Ben are arguing over the fact that Ben does not want to go back to Buffalo. Kevin displays a brief moment of usefulness by pointing out that Ben is just a firefighter who couldn't possibly have all this vacation time to spend in Glenoak. He interrogates his brother about his apparent reluctance to go home, but he doesn't get very far. Ben claims he wants to stay in Glenoak to "hang out" with Kevin because he's missed his company. For all Kevin's faults, at least he's smart enough to realize that no one could possibly feel that way about him. Don't get too excited about this incipient sign of intelligence, though; after all, Kevin's still dumb enough to want to continue interrogating Ben.

Ruthie sees RevCam leaving Simon's room. Apparently, Simon did not want his father's help. Ruthie just can't leave well enough alone, and she keeps pushing Eric to interfere in Simon's business so that the boy won't start another escort service. RevCam gets suspicious that Ruthie is "up to" something. I'm sure she is, but that doesn't mean anyone needs to be interested. So just shut up, Eric, and go back to being pantsless, or whatever it is you do for fun these days.

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