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Regarding Eric

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Regarding Eric

Lucy is wearing a particularly blank look while she stares at an espresso machine. Is she wondering how she can afford luxury coffees when she has no visible means of income? Of course not! Lack of funds never stops anyone from doing what they want in Glenoak! An older guy named Paul comes up to talk to her. He pretends to be glad to see her. Paul is developmentally challenged. I realize there's a potential joke in there, but I really don't enjoy making fun of the developmentally disabled. Paul tells Lucy he quit his job at Pete's Pizza because he's "going to be a star" in his new job in "show business." This is supposed to be something of a cliffhanger moment, as we cut to commercial, but since we've only just met Paul, I'm not going to pretend I care.

After the break, we find Lucy and Pete doing a little expositioning about the Famous People Players -- a black-light theater company whose performers are all developmentally challenged. I can't believe I've never heard of them before, especially since they're based in Toronto, about two blocks away from where I used to work. The exposition is pretty clumsily written, which is too bad, since it's much more interesting than anything else I've seen onscreen this week. Paul wants Lucy to convince his overprotective brother to allow him to join the Famous People Players. Sure, Paul -- good luck with that. But just in case Lucy doesn't work out, you might want to get a backup plan in place -- like asking some random stranger off the street. Or Happy the dog.

Just don't ask the Boring Buffalo Brother Beaux. They're too busy battling it out in the Garage Treehouse. I know you're probably thinking the argument is about something deep and philosophical, but the truth is that Ben is still claiming he wants to stay in Glenoak so he can hang with Kevin, and Kevin is still trying to find out why Ben is really staying. And it's just as boring as it was a few minutes ago.

It really looks like David Gallagher is serious about pursuing a musical career, since this makes two weeks in a row that Simon has been seen strumming his guitar. Unfortunately, his guitar-playing seems to have conjured up Cecilia, who walks into his room. If I were you, Simon, I'd burn that guitar, pronto. There's just no telling what evil demon it might conjure up next.

Robbie is whining to Kevin about the fact that he and Lucy aren't helping Robbie in his quest to date the odious Roxanne. Kevin never misses an opportunity to deliver a smug lecture, and this occasion is no exception. It's true that Robbie's whining is kind of annoying, but having to watch Kevin say things like, "What you need to do is take some responsibility and be a man," is just excruciating. Of course, it's easy for Cyborg Kevin to talk about being "a man," knowing he'll never have to make the effort himself. After a bit more of the pompous lecturing, the T-1000 turns to leave.

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