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Regarding Eric

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Regarding Eric

He's rudely shoved aside by Simon, who's on his way to talk to RevCam. It seems Eric is the one who called Cecilia over -- without ever asking Simon's permission. Robbie laughs uproariously to find out that there is a girl in Simon's room, while Kevin and Simon head off to talk to RevCam.

So, why did Eric invite Cecilia over? He knows Simon likes her, and he wanted to "move things along" for him. Okay, but doesn't that make him something of a procurer? I know he's not expecting Cecilia to have sex with his son, but then, Simon wasn't actually having sex with any of his clients when he was running his escort service either. So, by 7th Heaven standards, I'm really not sure how RevCam can do this without calling himself a pimp. Oh, but I'm forgetting that, except for the ban on premarital sex, all other morality is completely random on 7H. I'm also not sure why Simon even likes Cecilia anyway. Didn't she rat him out to the CamRents and get him in a whole mess of trouble? Hey, it's not like her sparkling personality would ever make up for that or anything.

After Simon leaves, Kevin gets down to lecturing RevCam. First, he takes him to task for telling Ben he could stay in the CamPound for as long as he likes. Then he tells him to mind his own business. Way to pick on the helpless convalescent, Kevin. And don't forget -- this guy is gonna be your father-in-law one day. Don't you think respect might be the wiser route here? It is pretty funny that, recovery or not, RevCam doesn't put up any fight whatsoever. I'm thinking he must really want to unload Lucy on Kevin and is afraid of queering the deal if he calls the cyborg on his rudeness.

Simon is pacing in the CamKitchen, obviously trying to avoid Cecilia. When Annie and Kevin come in, Simon starts bitching about RevCam. He and Kevin figure out that Ruthie must have something to do with this, so they embark on a search for the little troll.

Lucy comes in and asks her mother, "Did a man come here asking for me?" Does she mean the representative from the Nobel Committee? Because I did hear rumors they were planning to offer an award for Fugliest Hair this year. Annie hasn't seen anyone, and before Lucy gets a chance to explain, we hear the doorbell, and Lucy rushes off to answer the door.

RevCam comes into the kitchen and whines about his uselessness some more. Considering it's just a temporary situation while he recovers from his heart surgery, I'm not exactly brimming with sympathy. Eric goes outside -- to sulk, I'd imagine.

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