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Regarding Eric

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Regarding Eric

It's Ruthie's turn to be bitched out by Cyborg Kevin. I realize she's been very annoying and her entire subplot blows, but is that any reason to subject her to the idiotic lectural stylings of Kevin? That seems a pretty cruel punishment. After Kevin finishes administering his patriarchal correction and leaves, Ruthie takes off her ski hat dejectedly. I really hope the hat wasn't marketed as a thinking cap. If so, she should probably see about getting a refund.

Down in the CamKitchen, Lucy is introducing the CamRents to Paul's brother and sister-in-law, Lenny and Marie. After pushing the visitors off in the direction of RevCam's office, Lucy explains that they are here to discuss Paul's desire to join the Famous People Players. RevCam starts enthusing about how great it makes him feel to know that someone needs his help. Just as he really gets going, Annie cuts in to tell him that Lenny and Marie are here to talk to Lucy, not him. Hey, Brenda, do you think we could have yet another orgy of self-pity from RevCam? Because it's just so great to see that every time Eric is on-camera.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Lucy is doing a good job of trying to convince Lenny and Marie that Paul should be allowed to join the Famous People Players. In fact, it's hard to believe this is the same character I've grown to despise so much over the past year. She's not screeching at them or acting irrational. Isn't it sad that my standards for Camden behavior have slid so far that I'm actually commending Lucy just for acting normal? Unfortunately, Lenny and Marie are having a hard time accepting the theater troupe as an option for Paul. They seem to mean well, but they're just not open to the idea of Paul doing something new. Faced with this opposition, Lucy doesn't know what to do, so she shuts up. For a change, I'm wishing she hadn't.

Now, RevCam -- he really needs to shut up. He's regaling Paul with his sad tale of feeling useless. The fact that Paul manages to listen to it while not giving a hint of how boring it is proves that he possesses enough acting ability to set any stage on fire. The rest of the scene is nice, though, and Paul and RevCam have a good rapport.

Then Ruthie has to come out and ruin it all. She barely acknowledges Paul before interrupting to say that she needs Eric's help with a problem. When RevCam dejectedly suggests that Ruthie take her problem to Annie instead, Paul encourages him to help, saying, "Don't give up. You can do it."

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