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Regarding Eric

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Regarding Eric

Simon is not as happy with Eric's "help," though. After Cecilia leaves, he bitches out his father for getting involved in his business. Simon has apparently decided he's in love with Cecilia. I know, I know -- it's next to impossible to imagine that anyone could be in love with Cecilia. I'm with you on that one. Still, let's suspend our disbelief for a moment. Simon is in love with Cecilia, but he suspects she's in love with someone else. Because of that, he's been trying to avoid her, hoping to prove the old "out of sight, out of mind" adage. Now, thanks to RevCam, he has to be Cecilia's new best friend. He gets to listen to her talk about her boyfriend and everything! He does get in a good line, though, when he says, "Next week, I'm gonna have to give her a perm." Okay, but if you're making a spa night out of it, maybe she could shape your brows for you. See -- it's not all bad!

Roxanne is at the door, with a family in tow. It seems that rather than call the police station, RevCam asked Kevin to help him with the abuse situation that Ruthie told him about. Kevin's solution was to call Roxanne and ask her "to take out the cruiser and check out the situation." Even though she was off duty? I really have no idea how the police system works. I'd imagine that's one of the few -- very few -- things Brenda and I have in common. Roxanne introduces the family as "Alice Brand and her parents." Since Alice looks a little too well-fed to be starving, I'm guessing that Ruthie is in deep shit.

Outside, Ben is getting ready to leave. Of course, there's no guarantee that he won't be back next week on some trumped-up excuse. If nothing else, he's bound to show up later in the season, having become engaged to Mary off-screen before Jessica Biel makes her final guest appearance. As Ben stows his luggage and gets in the car, Robbie apologizes to Kevin for accusing him of scuttling his chances with Roxanne. Cyborg Kevin looks smugly pleased to find out he's right yet again. Oh, these humans -- so stupid and easy to control! Well, at least the ones living in the CamPound.

In the living room, the CamRents and the Brands are sitting around in silence, everyone looking mighty uncomfortable -- everyone but Alice, that is. Evidently, she's too dumb to have figured out what's going on. Ruthie arrives, having the grace to look guilty. She admits that she lied, but she was only doing it to help RevCam. This scene is too boring to merit any more description, but I do have to wonder why Roxanne drove these people over in a squad car. If she already knew Ruthie's accusations were bullshit, why embarrass the Brand family further by having them seen getting into a cruiser? Not only that, but now Roxanne orders them to go wait for her in said cruiser, since she'll be out in a minute. Do all cops leave their cars unlocked?

Needless to say, the very important business Roxanne needs to take care of is to talk to Robbie. She finds him in the backyard. He stands up and starts talking to her, but she cuts him off by shoving him up against a pillar -- hard. As she's bitching him out, he looks pained, but I'd be willing to bet he's actually enjoying this quite a bit. After berating him for not calling her, Roxanne says, "I don't like being toyed with [or] played with." Oh, I'm guessing she's got more toys in her repertoire than just a pair of handcuffs. Maybe now Robbie will finally have a chance to go out with a woman whose imagination runs to something more interesting than just sitting on a living room couch and making out all evening. I hope so, anyway.

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