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Another Episode About Dead Soldiers

Martha's sitting on her couch, looking sad. I'm confused: hasn't this show taught us that when one's father dies, it's cause for joyful celebration? I'm sure the singing and dancing will soon commence. When Martha doesn't answer his insensitively incessant knocks, Martin just comes in. Martha says it's "not a good time" for Martin to be there. He says he knows what happened because he saw the Bad News Officers arrive. He tells her that he isn't a cop and he's only seventeen, and Martha says she pretty much figured that out when she saw him at the high school, and heard the rumors about how she was dating him. Martin tells Martha that he's there for her, as a fellow child of a marine and as her friend. Martha starts crying, so Martin sits next to her and puts an arm around her. She leans her head on his shoulder and asks why her dad had to die. Martin doesn't answer her question, because it would hardly be appropriate to tell her that her father died so our president's friends could secure lucrative oil contracts, so he just says that her dad "died with honor, the way all marines do." I guess all the other branches of the military die without honor. Speaking of other branches of the military, wouldn't a much better storyline for Lucy have been if she was worried about HER BEST FRIEND Roxanne, who is also in Iraq right now? Or maybe Ruthie could have said something about her friend, Thank You Staff Sergeant Dwight J. Morgan? I'm just glad this episode ended before we could see the town of Glenoak, dressed in their best star-spangled do-rags and flag T-shirts, turn out for Martha's dad's funeral.

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