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Another Episode About Dead Soldiers

After Lucy's gone, Ben picks up the phone and calls Kevin, who tells him he's busy and hangs up. Ben calls again, and Kevin hangs up on him again. So Ben calls DE, who says she had a great time last weekend, but that her "ex-husband" has suddenly come home and wants to give their marriage another chance (so I guess he's not quite an "ex") and it's all because the non-ex-husband saw DE with a hunky younger guy and got jealous! "Thanks!" says DE, and that's the end of that.

Lucy wanders into the station, where Kevin is so busy trying to remember how to spell his name on the arrest paperwork that he doesn't see her. The "perp," however, does, and he's all "who's that?" because I guess he's wearing the same beer goggles that Mac and Shylock/Appalachia were using earlier when they claimed that Martha was hot. Lucy asks Kevin what's going on, noticing (in one of those rare moments when she's not so wrapped up in herself that she's able to acknowledge the existence of others) that all the other officers at the station are staring at her and murmuring. Perp informs Lucy that Kevin is cheating on her with Martha, and Lucy's eyes fill with tears and she runs off. Because why talk to your husband when you can get information from THE GUY HE JUST ARRESTED who has obvious reasons to want to make your husband's life difficult, and then instantly believe that and run off?

Martin's sitting in his car outside Martha's house, pretty much stalking her. I guess you can take the Camden hanger-on out of the CamPound, but you can't take the CamPound out of the Camden hanger-on. I have to hope that somewhere in Florida, a post-deprogramming Robbie is spending his nights in the company of those who want him around. Martin watches a car drives up to Martha's house and two military men get out and go to her door. The Violin and Guitar of REGRET TO INFORM play us into commercial.

When we come back, Martin is leaning against his car and crying. He whips out his cell phone to call RevCam, who's busy pacing around the foyer. I guess after Martin left, Annie just shrugged and said, "So we drove another one out. We still got too many left," and went to bed. Martin sobs to RevCam that he needs his help.

Lucy comes home. Ben starts to tell her the painful story about how he was dumped, but Lucy doesn't care about Ben's problems because she has her own stuff to share. She sobs to Ben that she has to raise her baby as a single mother because Kevin is cheating on her. And while I can muster up some sympathy for Martin, I feel nothing but scorn and disdain for Lucy. Ben tells Lucy that he heard a rumor about Kevin, but hasn't had a chance to talk to him about it. And get this: since Ben is level-headed, he was going to actually talk to Kevin before he formed an opinion about the matter. Ben tells Lucy that the Kinkirks are loyal men. Lucy rather rudely points out that Ben said earlier that he can't spend every night with the same woman, so there must not be much to that Kinkirk loyalty. You know, Lucy, it's not real smart to judge someone by the actions of his brother. Why, what if I were to judge you by the actions of your family members? I would assume you were stupid and judgmental without ever having talked to you, which -- hmm. Maybe there is something to that after all. Ben tells Lucy not to believe that Kevin would cheat on her, because he knows Kevin would never do that. Lucy points out that Ben initially believed that Kevin cheated on her. Ben says he's stupid, so it took him a while to figure out that it wasn't true.

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