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Simon calls up Lynn to tell her that he has told Morris "everything." That includes the fact that Lynn came onto him at school and the pool hall. He says, "I told him that since he's my friend, I thought he should know what his girlfriend was doing when he wasn't looking." I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually respect Simon right now. One could certainly make a valid argument for not telling Morris anything, but I'm glad Simon did -- especially if that means we'll never have to see Lynn again.

Lucy storms out of the pizza place, and Robbie runs out after her, asking for an explanation. Lucy's idea of an explanation is, "I thought you cared about me. I guess I was wrong." She follows up with an insincere apology for ruining his date. Robbie tells her he phoned Mary to see if she would be all right with him dating Lucy, but that he realized Mary would never accept that. He says he only went out with Joanne to take his mind off Lucy. She's flattered enough to kiss him. I'm nauseated enough to vomit profusely all over my lap. RevCam's watching the young lovers from inside the CamPound, which makes me wonder just how good his special stalking vision is, if he can see all the way down to the pizza place.

Over in "New York," Mary notices that it's getting late, so she asks her hot classmate to leave. He tells her how much fun he's had, and asks her to hand him his jacket. Mary has to turn around to get his jacket, and when she turns back, he moves in to kiss her. Man, I can't believe how suave all these characters are! Mary slaps him, and he apologizes. Then, proving she is indeed a total dumb-ass, she starts kissing him. Of course you know that Wilson will choose this moment to walk in and catch her in the act, and he does, claiming that the door was open, so he walked right in. So I guess it serves him right to see something unpleasant. He says, "I was gonna surprise you with a late-night pizza, but I guess I'm the one who got surprised, huh?" Oh, no! Now who's going to buy bananas for little Billy when his daddy is busy working on the annual report? How selfish of Mary not to think of that! In any case, I think we're supposed to feel sorry for Wilson. Maybe I will, once I'm thoroughly done laughing at his expense.

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