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Simon's at his locker. He looks up and catches the flirtatious eye of a tall twenty-something blonde girl a few lockers down. The girl winks at him. Has any high school student since 1924 ever actually used winking as a flirting technique? Perhaps this girl really was a ghost from a former time. Simon turns away momentarily to close his locker, and when he turns back to approach the girl, she's disappeared. Of course, maybe she just has a twitchy eye, and when she saw Simple Simon flirting with her, she ran like hell.

Mary's at her firefighter training class when her instructor comes up to compliment her on how much she's improved. At least she doesn't say anything stupid about how it's all due to her vile boyfriend taking her out jogging. The instructor leaves, and a classmate with a big hose walks over to her to compliment her some more. Here's Mary's chance to compliment Wilson's decision to join her for jogging, though she pretends that he's actually been training her. The hunky guy invites her to join him and some other classmates at a pool hall. Mary declines, citing a dinner date with the revolting Wilson. Why anyone would choose to spend time with Wilson rather than this guy is a big mystery, but I think it was established a long time ago that Mary just isn't all that bright. She walks off, leaving the hunky guy to stare after her while caressing his hose.

Cheryl arrives at the CamPound to talk to…RevCam? He's a little surprised, but he invites her in, asking her to wait in the kitchen while he puts the twins down for their nap. Lucy comes in to get a soda. When Cheryl tries to engage her in some friendly chitchat, Lucy says, "I'm just getting a soda, and now that I have it, I'm going back upstairs." Either she's very uncomfortable around Cheryl, or else people on this show really cannot write dialogue. Lucy starts to go upstairs, then changes her mind and starts rambling a mile a minute to Cheryl, who finally figures out that Lucy wants to ask her advice about Robbie. Lucy expositions a bit about Robbie's disastrous attempt to kiss her last week, adding that she and Robbie have been avoiding each other ever since. Cheryl's advice that Lucy talk to Robbie about the situation is hardly earth-shattering, but it is good. In fact, isn't that about the only advice you could reasonably give in this situation? Lucy starts to leave, without even thanking Cheryl or saying goodbye. She stops herself to pry, though, asking Cheryl if she's here to talk to RevCam about Dopey. Cheryl fobs her off with a vague answer that reiterates her groundbreaking "talk to him" advice. At least Lucy thanks her this time. She starts to leave to find Robbie, then turns back to offer some advice of her own to Cheryl: "By the way, for some reason, my dad's not as objective as a father as he is as a minister." Right. One of the qualities I absolutely love about The Good RevCam is how nonjudgmental he is when giving people advice. I'm sure we all admire that in him.

At the high school, Simon sees his friend Sean, the bully. Simon's anxious to tell him about the blonde ghost he saw near his locker earlier. Unfortunately, the girl is real, and she's Sean's girlfriend, who has just "transferred over from private school." It's a shame she did that before she could take Annie's fabulous morals class. She comes over, and Sean introduces her as Lynn. She takes the opportunity to wink at Simon again. That makes him look queasy.

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