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So what does Cheryl want with RevCam? She thinks that Dopey doesn't have enough time for a relationship, so she wants RevCam to break up with him for her. What a novel idea! I wish I'd employed it to get out of some of my messier romantic entanglements. To his credit, Eric suggests that Cheryl do the deed herself. Cheryl says that she's already tried to break up with the Dopester, but that he won't even discuss the possibility. She thinks RevCam can hammer the point home to his son. Maybe he could borrow the 7th Heaven theme mallet for that. In any case, I've got a news flash for Cheryl: all she has to do is tell Dopey they're broken up, and stop taking his calls. Problem fixed. I know Matt's a creepy stalker and all, but even he can't keep up their relationship alone. Cheryl seems to feel that Dopey is distracting her from studying. I can't say her transformation into Super Student is entirely believable, but then, neither is the fact that she needs RevCam's help to break up with her boyfriend. RevCam isn't helping much anyway. In fact, he tries to talk Cheryl out of ditching Dopey, saying that they make a good couple, and that everyone in the CamFam loves Cheryl. I laugh until my sides ache. But RevCam's not done yet. He tries to get her to believe that her influence has made Dopey "more focused" and "happy." All right, just quit it, Eric. What kind of sick mind game are you trying to play with Cheryl here? When RevCam tells her that he'd thought she was going to tell him she and Dopey were getting more serious, Cheryl assumes that he's talking about marriage. The idea of Cheryl getting RevCam's permission to ask for his son's hand in marriage makes for a seriously entertaining mental image. The fact that this one sentence of RevCam's has led Cheryl to decide that she and Dopey should get married instead of breaking up certainly proves that she is mentally deficient. The big question, though, is whether she's stupid enough to spend the rest of her life saddled with Dopey. Maybe she's just incredibly horny and knows Dopey won't put out until she makes an honest man of him.

Ruthie and Annie are still at school, where Ruthie is asking her mother how her class went. Annie's reply, "Good -- I think I'm really connecting with the kids," makes me bust out laughing again. I guess it's just an example of how knowledgeable Annie is about relationships. After Ruthie leaves for her equestrian class, Annie runs into Mrs. MacKoul, the principal. Mrs. MacKoul wants to know if Annie told a student, Christy, that her parents should get a divorce. Annie's sputtering is cut short by the welcome arrival of a commercial break.

Annie walks into the CamKitchen to receive a grilling from RevCam. She keeps telling him she doesn't want to talk about her day, but he is completely incapable of taking the hint.

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