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There's a knock on the back door. RevCam tells Annie to answer it. I think we're supposed to think he's being supportive, since the visitor is little Christy Parks, but since he didn't know that when he told Annie to "go on" and open the door, it just comes off as him ordering her around. So, answering doors is a woman's job? Okay, got it. Christy's parents have been fighting again, and she "just can't take it anymore." She wants to stay at the CamPound. Annie undoes weeks and weeks of fighting for her independence by mouthing the word "help" to Eric. I find it necessary to curl up into the fetal position and cry for about three hours.

Annie calls up Christy's parents. RevCam shows his support by handing her the phone, but at least he leaves when she tells him to. Mrs. Parks doesn't want to talk, but Annie manages to tell her that Christy is at the CamPound. Before Mrs. Parks can say anything else, Annie gets on the advice wagon and tells her she hopes the Parkses can work out their marital difficulties. She also puts in a plug for RevCam as a counselor. This helpfulness makes Mrs. Parks cry. Annie also thanks her "for helping [the CamRents] see that [they] have been fighting too much." Annie spews some more platitudes that are meant to help us viewers deal with our relationships, but I won't insult your intelligence by repeating them here. After some annoying female bonding and a bunch of thank-yous, Mrs. Parks ends the call. I wonder if there is a single person in Glenoak who knows how to say "goodbye" before hanging up a telephone.

Christy and Ruthie walk in. Christy looks way too old to be wearing that craptacular lavender T-shirt with the cutesy drawing of a little girl on it, but the fact that she's wearing it with plaid pants makes me too sad for words. Annie modestly says she's glad that talking to the CamRents made Christy feel better. Christy rudely replies that talking to Ruthie is actually what helped her the most, since Ruthie blabbed about how much the CamRents fight. It made her feel better that people other than her parents fight too. So what have we learned? That it's good to feel happy about other people's misery. Also, that it's good to want to be like everybody else. Okay, duly noted. Incidentally, the idea of Ruthie as a counselor is something I don't even want to contemplate.

Next we hear from Dopey, who tells RevCam that he and Cheryl have broken up. He says that he loves her, but that sometimes love isn't enough to make a relationship work. He's also a little curious as to why RevCam meddled in his love life. Does he really need to ask? It's RevCam! He refuses Eric's invitation to talk, telling him, "I think you've done enough talking for tonight." Amen!

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