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Say A Little Prayer For Me

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Say A Little Prayer For Me

This episode opens on Mary in denial. She's in the kitchen, telling the all the household but RevCam that Robbie's not a bad guy, that he simply made a mistake. She's referring, of course, to his attempt to seduce her on Valentine's Day. Simon disagrees with her, citing his own hickey faux pas as an innocent mistake. Ruthie makes alarmingly loud biting sounds by way of teasing him. She asks what Robbie did. Annie sends her off to take the bread to the dining table. Annie sends Simon with the salad. He protests that he knows what they're talking about -- that Robbie took Mary to a motel. Annie says that he tried to take her to a motel. Then she catches Mary's mortified eye and shuts up. Simon says something about waiting for Matt and John to join them. Annie explains that they're running late and shoos him out. Mary hopes aloud that Robbie will see the error of his ways and apologize. Annie tells her that even if he does, it won't change the fact that he's a dishonest young man who tried to seduce her daughter. Mary suggests that the fault was her own, that she misled Robbie into thinking she was the motel type. Annie tells her, "There will be other guys!" "But not like Robbie," pouts Mary. "I hope not," says Annie sincerely. Word, Annie. Too bad you're wearing a sailor-collared top. RevCam comes through the back door. No one greets him or anything. "Hello, loved ones," he says without irony. "We're a very lucky family, you know that?" Eye-rolling and avoidance commences. RevCam tells them that he received a letter that he'd like to read to them. Annie gives her kids the warning eye and says that they'd all like to hear it. Rude-y says that she thought the pot roast was done. "Pot roast?" questions the Rev. Annie tells him that she has "a nice swordfish steak" for him. Hmm. That sounds kind of freaky, typed out like that, doesn't it? RevCam's all drama-queen drawing out the intro to his letter, which is from a boy who wants Eric to pray for him. "It wasn't Robbie, was it?" asks Dum-dum Mary. Sheesh. Take a cold shower, you imbecile. RevCam tries to continue amidst Simon's lame-joke-cracking and Ruthie's interruptions. "Dear Man Who Works for God," says the letter. Because Eric said something about prayer changing things and being powerful and all, Ruthie cuts in and says that she knows what she's praying for. So does Mary. So does Simon. All kids but the twins rudely leave. The twins probably would have left, too, if they hadn't been locked in their highchairs. Annie remarks that that didn't go the way RevCam was hoping it would. Then it's time to kick out the jams and groove to the theme song. Damn, that's fresh! Who is that - Eddie Rabbit? Kenny Loggins? Robert Plant?

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