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Say A Little Prayer For Me

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Say A Little Prayer For Me

The rest of the CamFam's in their pew at the church. Well, except that RevCam's at the podium, of course. Lucy's on the aisle with a twin in her lap. Some guy walks up the aisle and tells her, "Hi. I'm new. Do I just sit anywhere?" Lucy says yeah, so he scrunches in right next to her. He introduces himself as Andrew [Mumble], and she tells him her name. I wonder if this is another celebrity cameo, because the boy looks a bit like Eddie Munster. No, it couldn't be him, though. This guy's too young. Mary leans into Lucy and says, "So it's an Andrew, just not an Andrew [some other Mumble]." I guess that's a reference to some previous episode. Lucy looks up and God and says, "Very funny." A white pigeon flies in through the window. Okay, so it doesn't. That did happen at my church one time, though. It wasn't when I was getting ready to hook up with some guy, however. RevCam gets up to do the Lord's Prayer. We get to hear the whole thing. The show's about praying - we get it already! RevCam tells everyone that Matt and Ruthie have "chosen to worship elsewhere this morning." He explains that Ruthie felt the need to experience God through nature and was riding a horse. People laugh appreciatively. RevCam babbles about prayer. Then he brings up Jonathan's letter and asks the congregation to say a prayer for the millions of children who've become victims of violence. He embellishes quite a bit, but I won't paraphrase it because I figure you can pray on your own, if you feel like it. RevCam asks for a moment of silence. Fade to black. Fin. What, no toll-free number to call? Oh, well.

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