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Say A Little Prayer For Me

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Say A Little Prayer For Me

The phone rings and Matt and John lunge for it like starved dogs. Matt answers. It's Raven, asking if the two of them can have dinner with her family that night. Let me get this straight - she's known the guys for a few hours, and now she wants them to meet her family? Sounds like a cult to me.

RevCam gets home to find only Annie in the living room. He asks where the kids are. Annie says she "sent them all to separate corners" because they were fighting or angry. "How did this happen?" asks Rev, all solemn and concerned. "You," says Annie shortly. Then she says that prayer is apparently a very controversial subject. Then all the sheep watching at home nod sagely and say, "I told them to let the coaches lead our kids in Christian prayer!" Ruthie comes downstairs in order to open the front door, not see a pony, and blaspheme. She runs off and Eric tells Annie he didn't find the kid. "Maybe you're not supposed to," Annie tells him in a pissed-off way. What's she mad at him for? Oh, that's right... for never talking to the kids about prayer. Eric asks if that's her final answer. I wonder if anyone told Regis about the shout-outs he's getting this ep. Maybe he's sitting home watching and winking, though. Annie states that Eric's mad at her now. "Maybe," says he. She rolls her eyes and goes to fluff pillows while he looks into the distance.

I'm watching the Swiffer commercial with all the cute guys and now I see why Wing Chun endorses the product.

It's the same never-ending Saturday and Annie's asking Eric if he's still angry. Eric stops working on his laptop and says no, and that he's sorry. He agrees with her earlier statement that he's not supposed to find the kid. Then the phone rings, and it's Sgt. Michaels saying that he found the kid's address, even though earlier he was saying that he wouldn't be able to help RevCam until Monday. The boy is Jonathan Smith. RevCam jots down his address (breach of the law, much?) and gets up to leave. Ruthie's walking into his office at that moment. She carps that she came to see her dad about the pony but that it can wait. RevCam leaves. Annie asks to speak to Rude-y. She hauls her daughter onto her lap and asks why she wants the pony. Ruthie gives a not-cute speech about wanting to feel that she's flying from heaven to earth. Or some such crap. StuporMom says they all need a pony. Then she says that if your need is great enough but your want is small enough, your wish might be granted. She suggests that Ruthie write or draw about her pony desires instead of just complaining about it. Ruthie peels out to draw a picture and I wash the sap off my hands.

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