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Say A Little Prayer For Me

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Say A Little Prayer For Me

In the kitchen, Mary's apologizing to Simon. Lucy bursts in and expresses her disbelief at the way strangers judged her as a teenage mom. Simon ignores this and yaks about Deena some more. Lucy tries to make another point about the flak teen moms are always getting. Mary moans about Robbie. Simon keeps trying to convince her that Robbie's a jerk. They have a stupid debate about whether prayer can change events that already happens. Mary and Lucy leave. Simon prays aloud to be able to fix his mistake.

John and Matt dress for dinner and argue. John asks if Matt's rebounded to the point that he's ready to start a new relationship. Matt says that he must have if God thinks he's ready. John says that God was answering John's prayer, not Matt's. Matt's wearing a black sports coat over a maroon turtleneck. He has a Mr. Howe sort of look going on.

RevCam's sitting in front of Jonathan's house, which happens to be in a bad neighborhood. You can tell by all the background noise, the trash, and the non-white kids who walk by and advise him to leave. Then one of the kids asks if Eric's there to take Jonathan to jail. Eric says he's just a friend.

Matt and John show up at Raven's. She introduces her parents, who happen to be African-American. As the mom leads John into the other room, Raven's dad puts his hand on Matt's shoulder and says he's glad there are some people who don't judge Raven by the color of her skin. He also says that Matt and John are the answer to their prayers. Matt nods and smiles. Then he looks at John and Raven who are sitting on the couch. Then he nods and smiles again.

Jonathan runs up to his house and finds RevCam there. He explains that he had to go to his uncle's and borrow money and get liquor and I don't know what all else. He says that if his dad finds RevCam there, he'll "beat [Jonathan] severely about the head, man." Then Jonathan scolds RevCam because he never asked him to show up at his house. "Can't you read?" he asks. He asked RevCam to pray for him. He sent letters to churches all over the world and asked men and women working for God to pray and nothing more. At least he has access to a good library, right? Jonathan explains that he didn't sign his letter because he's not selfish. (SMARM ALERT.) "You think I'm the only kid who had his life ruined by a gun? Kids just like me all over the world are suffering. I figured, if no one knew who they were praying for particular [sic], they would pray for all of us in general. So please, just do what I asked, and pray. And get everyone you know to pray. The Man Upstairs will take care of all of us. Have a little faith, Reverend." While he's saying this in his weird scratchy voice, the Peanuts gang sings "Woo, ooo, ooo..." with their eyes closed and faces upturned. Just kidding. Jonathan runs off into the night. RevCam looks down and sighs. I go get a snack.

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