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Say A Little Prayer For Me

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Say A Little Prayer For Me

Ford is now using the song "Le Freak," but singing "break out" instead of "freak out." It kind of makes me laugh.

Ruthie's asleep with the picture she drew of herself on a Pegasus.

Simon's standing in front of the mirror practicing an apology to Deena's dad. He calls Mr. Stewart and starts to recite it, but Mr. Stewart asks if he has any idea what time it is. Simon coughs up the rest of his apology and Mr. Stewart calls Deena to the phone. Simon thanks God.

Mary and Lucy are in bed, but Mary's not asleep. She turns on her lamp and tells Lucy she's going to give up praying because Robbie probably won't change. Lucy speechifies about Robbie growing up and learning how to respect people. The sisters decide to pray for Robbie to become a good person. The CamRents come in to say goodnight. Mary asks them to pray for Robbie, too. RevCam tells her not to expect a quick response because "it could take years. And years." He also warns her that Robbie might turn good and then hook up with another woman. Mary is fatalistic. She thanks everyone in the room. The CamRents leave. Mary asks Lucy if she has anything Mary could pray for. Well, of course she does. She wants Mary to pray for all the teen mothers out there, "like [her] friend Cory," that they have the strength to persevere despite people dissing them all the time. Lucy looks over to see that Mary's conked out. She tells God, "Okay, about this Robbie guy..." and assumes the prayer position. I can't believe Lucy didn't annoy me at all this week.

Downstairs, Annie tells RevCam that she has to call a man about a pony. Oh, that's so witty.

John cheerfully walks into the Bachelor Pad, where Matt is studying in his sweats again. I'm guessing that Matt left the dinner party early because it's more appropriate on a show like this for an African-American to date another African Americans. John asks Matt if he wants to accompany him to church tomorrow, either John's dad's church or RevCam's. Matt claims that he has to do a favor for his mom. John's smiling like a possum. Matt looks uncomfortable. I don't understand what happened. I mean, I guess it's what I jokingly said above, but how could they actually leave it to the viewers to assume that Matt didn't want to date Raven because she's black? That's pretty lame, if you ask me. For some strange reason, Aaron Spelling never asks me, though.

The next morning, Ruthie's being helped onto a horse by some guy named Mr. Watson. Matt's standing around smiling. I guess he was the one who drove her over there. Ruthie rides the horse in overlapping slow motion shots while a clarinet plays too loudly.

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