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Seven Is Enough

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Seven Is Enough

Annie claps her hands together in delight, which causes the stereo to turn on. This is the spot where you'd expect the show to end with everyone fake-guffawing, heads thrown back so we can get a good, long look at their dental work while the camera still-pauses and the credits roll. But I guess Eric's big sentimental-fest speech just wasn't quite long enough. There are still another two minutes to fill. Maybe somebody on the show wanted to be able to drive a Viper while paying for it out of the show's budget, but the guy from the unspecific "raffle committee" shows up just at this moment to tell Simon that he has won the car. However, since Simon is not eighteen, he doesn't get to keep the car. Simon doesn't mind, though. He says, "I know. I just wanted to win it and give my supernatural luck a workout." Yeah, I know -- that was totally pointless. RevCam lets Dopey and Mary know he figured out that they damaged the Camden van. Luckily for the viewer (and your poor, tired recapper), he says that the discussion of punishment will have to wait until later. The Colonel tells Ruth and George, "Time to step it up and move it out." I assume that's some sort of military lingo, but I'm just not sure why anyone would want to use it in civilian life. Ciao, George. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

There's some unfunny shtick about the raffle guy being afraid of the Colonel, and that's how Simon gets him to agree to let him and RevCam take the Viper out for a spin, even though I'm totally sure that could never happen in the real world. So did the raffle guy just show up driving the Viper himself? He didn't call first to see if the winner was home? How would he have gotten home if he'd had to leave the Viper with the raffle winner? Whatever happened to Emma Houten's son? How come RevCam didn't visit him and attempt to cure his holding-people-up-at-gunpoint problem? Is there any possibility in hell that someone as dreary as RevCam would take the Viper down his suburban street at eighty miles an hour, like we see at the end of this episode? All these questions and more will have to wait, since I'm going to go have a glass of wine now. I think I've earned it.

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