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Seven Is Enough

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Seven Is Enough

It looks like George is unlocking a car door with a wire coat hanger. I didn't know you could do that with any car newer than, say, 1978. In any case, he gets the door open, and he, Simon, and Ruthie pile in. Simon's sitting in the driver's seat, erroneously believing himself to be cool, when RevCam comes over. He's pissed. George has the guts to stick up for Simon, and the smarts to garner sympathy from the CamRents by sadly saying, "Maybe you should just send me back to the orphanage." RevCam sends them all upstairs and drives off to find his parents. As he leaves, we see the front bumper, which has a little more than just a scratch on it. In fact, it's banged in almost as much as the bumper of a car that killed somebody on the episode of Law and Order I just watched. Dopey distracts SuperMom so she won't see the damage.

Down at everybody's favourite place -- the hardware store! -- RevCam is walking around with a toilet plunger. I guess toilet plungers are supposed to be funny or something. He goes up to the cashier, that Emma Houten woman, and asks, "You wouldn't happen to have seen an incredibly intimidating man with white hair, and a tall, arrogant woman with perfect posture, have you?" Emma says she hasn't, and gives him a strange explanation of how she always notices couples since her husband just recently died. RevCam expresses some perfunctory sympathy before launching into a pitch to buy her ring necklace. Emma declines his thoughtful offer, claiming that the rings "mean a lot" to her. Why, I couldn't tell you. And don't you think Emma would be getting a little suspicious about her son right now? But more likely, she just thinks the entire Camden family is loopy.

It turns out that Mr. and Mrs. Colonel did not go down to the hardware store in any case. They are at the orphanage, I think. In any case, they are putting their plan in motion to adopt George. The Colonel even had some governor put in a recommendation on their behalf. The social worker woman seems impressed by that, and she is enthusiastic about the adoption. She says, "I wish I could be there when you break the news to everyone." Grandma Ruth looks a little uncomfortable, but she hides it well.

The Colonels walk into the CamKitchen bearing ice cream. They apologize for missing dinner, but RevCam is having none of it. He interrogates them about where they were all day, and the Colonel tells him outright that they were with George's social worker, discussing the adoption. Annie tries to head off trouble by suggesting that they all discuss the matter calmly. George eavesdrops from the stair landing. Why, he's obviously a Camden already, no matter who adopts him! RevCam expresses some misgivings over his parents' parenting skills, claiming they never nurtured him or Julie much when they were growing up. The Colonel argues that he and Ruth were too busy trying to keep a roof over the family's head to bother much with hand-holding. This all results in a stalemate, with each man insisting that the other is the wrong type of parent for George. There aren't a lot of good, logical arguments put forth by anyone. Surprise. The Colonel gets in the last word, though, before he storms off, accusing Eric of opposing him out of spite. Everyone stares at each other for a moment before Eric leaves to take a walk. George skulks back upstairs. Do you think he'll run away again? Because that would be the predictable thing to do.

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