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Seven Is Enough

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Seven Is Enough

Left alone with Annie, Ruth asks Annie to give her opinion of Ruth. She claims that Annie can be straight with her, since she doesn't "cry easily." Annie takes her up on the suggestion and delivers her character assessment of Ruth. She calls her "not terribly supportive," "distant," and "opinionated." She adds that some of Ruth's jokes are "cruel." Well, yeah, Annie, but those are the best part of the show! What would we have without Ruth's and the Colonel's nasty jibes? That's right -- the sloppy pap that characterizes most of the rest of the hundred and ten episodes that have already aired at the time of this writing. Annie argues that "Patton was weaker" than the Colonel and Ruth. Ruth reminds me of how much I'll miss her after this episode when she replies, "No, no, too late. Don't try and kiss up now." She'll have to pay the price, though, for keeping her cool, because that gives Annie a chance to intercede on Lucy's behalf and ask that Ruth try to "connect" with the girl. "I'll see what I can do," says Ruth, managing splendidly to keep her distaste for the prospect under wraps.

Up in Simon's room, he and Ruthie discuss Simon's alleged luck some more. Like we can never get enough of that particular topic. He claims that his incredibly good luck is not responsible for him and Ruthie being grounded now; it's just that "George is a jinx." When Ruthie points out that they'll have to get used to having George around, Simon slams the steering wheel of his cardboard car with undue force, causing the Clapper-wired light to go out. Okay, just stop. Stop it with that stupid Clapper storyline already. Please? I'm not sure how much more I can take.

George walks into the CamRents' bedroom to see Grandma Ruth and the Colonel packing to leave. Terrified of being left behind in the CamPound, George begs to be taken to Buffalo with Ma and Pa Colonel. And now it's time for the heartwarming portion of the show, wherein the Colonel shows that he is actually Very Sensitive. He praises Eric and says to George, "If you're lucky, you'll grow up to be like him." Where is Eric throughout this exchange? Why, he and SuperMom are eavesdropping outside the bedroom door, of course. The whole Colonel-praising-RevCam bit is pretty nice, but the scene is effectively ruined when the Colonel tells George to be a good boy, and says, "That's an order." It would be hard for it to degenerate any further after George salutes and says, "Yes, sir," so the writers wisely stop it there.

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