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Admissions Guy 1: When are they going to mention the fact that she's adopted?
Admissions Guy 1: I guess it's understood.

Simon says he's been in trouble too, even though his picture has a halo and wings Photoshopped on it with a talk balloon that says "Me!!!" Simon broke two windows when he liked golf, gave a kid the middle finger, and toilet-papered a house with a guy on crutches, which was how he got caught. Simon does not explain how it was perfectly okay for him to vandalize something with toilet paper, but when Mary did it, it ruined her life. He also got his ears pierced and tried smoking. He somehow got Ruthie to suck at math so she could get more attention from Annie, and he shoplifted and snuck into the movies, although he "didn't mean to."

Admissions Guy 1: Now, how do you do that by accident?
Admissions Guy 2: I'm sure stupid people do it all the time.

Simon dated the Olsen twins and got into rap music. He also got in a low-speed car chase because his grandpa had Alzheimer's. Simon also "talked Morris into" taking him to a party with spiked punch. The resulting hangover convinced Simon to never drink again. And of course, Simon had a "high school escort service" that he swears he learned his lesson about. Simon says that he can't blame all his trouble on being a PK, but then again, he and his siblings haven't had normal friends or normal lives.

Being a PK, Simon says, "is not a role [he] chose," and sometimes he would like to give it back. Simon wants to make his own mistakes and live his own life, not the life of a PK. Simon knows what his strengths are, and they are that he's good with naughty children and money. So the logical place for Simon would be Hollywood as a film and television producer. Maybe he could even be like "this guy," who is Aaron Spelling. A picture of Aaron Spelling flies onto the screen with an autograph to Simon Photoshopped on it, as well as the words "Hollywood Legend," because Brenda thinks it's hilarious when she makes inside "jokes" that are really attempts to get a raise. Simon says that he wants to learn everything he can about the industry at "California School of the Arts." Even though Glenoak's got a "top-notch" school, it doesn't have a film program.

Admissions Guy 1: What top-notch school is he talking about?
Admissions Guy 2: I don't know…the only college in his area is Crawford, and that's a school for…how can I put this?…"Angels."

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